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What Measures Do Freight Companies Take to Safeguard Your Assets?

Loss of goods in transit is pretty costly, to start with – perhaps far more than you’d ever imagined. That is the reason freight companies go as far as they can to safeguard the assets of their clients, while in transit. Thus, every freight company takes punitive measures to safeguard their clients’ assets during the transit. On this page, we discuss the measures that these freight companies take.

  • They keep the assets traceable

Throughout the entire delivery or transit process, assets, regardless of whether they are materials to create any product or the final product itself, are required to remain traceable. Now this very task of keeping these assets traceable is carried out by using a string of state of the art technologies. Some of these technologies, like the barcodes that are scanned at different stages of the supply chain, are pretty straightforward. However, some other technologies, like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), that are used to track individual products are relatively more complex. The main objective of all these activities is to track and trace the location of the products at any point in time during the transit and to find out where they are headed for.

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One  real-time option used by the freight companies in Brisbane, the GPS asset tracking, provides instant information in regards to the whereabouts of the assets and plays a vital role in the supply chain. This particular technology allows these freight companies to monitor the assets in transit remotely, by determining their location in real time. GPS tracking also comes in handy for the jobsite alerts, which help the asset management team to ascertain the movement of the assets from one location to another. It also notifies them about any unexpected departure of the assets from the facility at any wrong time. This helps in combating pilferage or theft of assets by notifying the authorities in the event of an unexpected and unauthorised movement of the asset.

  • Measuring and Testing for the Evaluation of Product Quality

Protection of assets during the supply chain is not only about safeguarding them from any loss or theft. It also involves safeguarding them from damage or contamination during the transit. Identification of the risk points is the key when it comes to protecting the assets from the damage. Once the risk points are identified, it becomes possible to take the measures to plug in those lacunae and the setting up measurement and evaluation facilities to ensure that the risk points are duly amended .

  • Understanding the Risks of Various Transportation Modes

There are various modes of transportation that can be used to ferry consignments – air, road, rail and waterways are the 4 modes of transportation that are used. Now the Brisbane freight transport companies need to understand and identify the various risk factors that these different modes of transportation come with, and find out the one that has the least risk factor. Once these risk factors are identified, it becomes easier to take actions to negate them and take up that particular mode of transportation for faster, easier  and risk free movement of the assets from one location to another.

So these are the measures that the freight transport companies take to safeguard the assets before and during the transit. For further details, you can call JD Refrigerated Transport, as we are one of the best freight transport companies and we take the same measures for the safety of the assets.

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