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How is Refrigerated Transportation Bringing Great Changes to the World Around You?

When it comes to understanding refrigerated transportation, you need to know that it involves the use of special, temperature-controlled vehicles. The vehicles that are used to perform this kind of transportation have a built-in refrigeration system that is meant to keep your temperature-sensitive products in good condition throughout the process.

Now, if you have a requirement for your business to get your fresh goods transported to the desired destinations in the best manner possible, you need to consider reaching out to the best refrigerated delivery service in Brisbane. This way, you can have your hands on the best team of professionals who will ensure that your goods are in the safest storage system and will reach their respective destinations perfectly on time.

But before you get started with the collaboration, understand how refrigerated transportation is bringing great changes to the world and how they have stood out. This industry is no longer an option for individuals and businesses in today’s world; it has become an absolute necessity. The modes of this kind of transportation are considered the most efficient ones, and improvements in technology in them have always been constant and effective, which has always kept casualties far from sight.

On the contrary, below are some points that you should now learn in detail to better understand exactly how refrigerated transportation is changing the world for the better:

Perishable Product Shippers Rely on Refrigerated Delivery Service

Refrigerated transportation is meant to prevent your goods from deteriorating and losing their value during the delivery process. This is not only true for meat and dairy but also for other sensitive items, like medical goods and pharmaceuticals. This is the best quality of this kind of transportation, and companies offering refrigerated transport on the Sunshine Coast are always appreciated for this.

A Rising Demand for Fresh Perishable Products

Refrigerated transportation helps temperature-sensitive products get transported from one point to the next more efficiently and quickly. It is far better than the alternative transportation modes. Due to this, items that are always in huge demand on the market should consider relying on refrigerated transportation. They also find it ideal when it comes to reaching people on time.

Refrigerated Freight Transportation Applies to a Wide Range of Product Types

When it comes to delivering products with the help of refrigerated transportation, your mind immediately thinks of perishable goods. But this is certainly not the case, as this transportation enables the storage of many types of products, ranging from valuable chemicals to precious art and personal care products.

Refrigerated transportation can help you bring some great changes to your business for its perfect growth, just like it does to the world. So, if you are now in need of delivering your temperature-sensitive goods on time, get in touch with the best company that offers such transportation services. They are most likely to have some great measures to keep your assets safe. To better understand this aspect, consider reading What Measures Do Freight Companies Take to Safeguard Your Assets? So, do your research on the Internet, find them, and get started.

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A Brief Account of the Refrigerated Delivery Services

Before we go for some in-depth account of the cold chain process and discuss it, let us know what it is. A refrigerated delivery system can be termed as a logistic management process meant for the transportation of perishable goods in refrigerated conditions, The objective of refrigerated delivery services is to maintain the quality as well as the safety of the goods to be transported from end to end. The entire process involves a chain of tasks to prepare, store as well as transport the products under refrigerated conditions.

Where the Importance of Refrigerated Delivery Service Lies?

An effective refrigerated delivery service in Brisbane would ensure that the perishable goods and products are safe and have the right potency at the point of consumption or use, A failure to transport these products at the desired temperature results in discoloring, disintegration, bruising, and generation of microbial organisms and pathogens that are detrimental to health.

Besides,  refrigerated transport services or cold chain management has an enormous impact on the workforce and the economy of a particular region, state, and even nation.

What Are the Main Elements of Refrigerated Transport Service?

A cold chain management system typically consists of the following elements:


Refrigerated transport in Sunshine Coast commences with the storage of the products at a refrigerated facility. The common cold storage equipment and the facilities generally include refrigerated chillers, cold boxes, cold rooms, blast freezers, containers & vaccine carriers.


Temperature-sensitive products need proper packaging for the maintenance of their quality.  Proper packaging techniques would help reduce the probability of any contamination, thereby ensuring an energy efficient-storage system along the cold chain.


Tracking is an extremely important element of refrigerated transport in Glen Innes. It is all about monitoring certain information for specific cold chain products, which is an absolute imperative. This may include keeping an eye on the temperatures and other environmental parameters, the humidity levels, and several other critical factors.

Cold chain monitoring also refers to the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) or other customised sensor software. These software applications are equipped to detect temperature problems, keep track of all the products on a given platform and improve predictive maintenance by integrating the derived data with the supply chain management software, used by cold chain management.


Refrigerated Transport in Glen Innes like in any other place also involves the delivery of shipments, which are based on the methods preferred by the end-user consumers, for receiving cold deliveries.

What Are the Temperature Classifications Included in Refrigerated Transport Systems? 

The cold chain management system includes a temperature classification that depends on the type of goods to be transported:

Tropical Food

For the transportation of tropical fruits the temperature hives between 12 to 14-degree celsius.

Pharmaceutical Products

For pharmaceutical products, the slated temperature is 2 to 8 degree Celsius.


For chilled food products including fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products, the allowed temperature range is 2 to 4 dresses Celsius.


To deliver frozen edibles like cakes, frozen meat, bread and the like the temperature needed is – 10 to -20 degree Celsius.

Deep Frozen 

Ice cream, Seafood, and other frozen foods need even cooler temperatures at -25 to – 30 degree Celsius.

Ultra Low Goods 

This is a recently added temperature range that is mainly meant for vaccines and other pharmaceutical products, with the temperature needed ranging from – 70 degrees celsius and the like.

For further details, call JD Refrigerated Transport as we are one of the best in the business.

How Do Refrigerated Delivery Service Providers Manage Cold Storage?

Companies providing refrigerated delivery services need to store items in their warehouses before they can transport them to their designated locations. However, they need to ensure that the items stay safe and secure in their warehouses before they are transported. For that, they follow certain cold storage procedures which we will discuss here. So, if you are in Brisbane and wondering how your items will be managed by the delivery service providers, go through the points mentioned here. You will get an overview of cold storage management in general.

Adjusting the Temperature    

The service providers managing refrigerated storage in Brisbane monitor the temperature in the warehouses and adjust it likewise, as per the recommendations of their clients to prevent spoilage of the items.

Typically, the temperature in cold storage is kept anywhere between 10 degrees to 15 degrees centigrade but it varies according to the items that are being stored. Nowadays, most cold storage facilities have automatic temperature units installed. However, the manual option is not phased out yet since it offers precision cooling.

Detecting and Exterminating Pests 

The second procedure of managing cold storage is keeping the warehouse or the facility free of pests. To do that, the staff need to examine all parts of the facility on a day-to-day basis. In fact, they do that since pests can damage the stored goods which can affect the reputation of the company offering refrigerated delivery.

Generally, pest extermination in cold storage facilities is performed by pest removal specialists.

Making Space for Safe Goods Arrangement

Goods in the cold storage need to be stored in such a way that they can be taken out and positioned easily whenever needed. So, the professionals employed in companies offering refrigerated delivery services in Brisbane arrange the goods methodically. In fact, they need to sort the items regularly to optimise their movement in the facility.

Making the Facility Well Illuminated

The refrigerated goods transport service providers keep the warehouses well lit since it helps them to identify consignments properly. Besides, the general operations can be easily carried out in an illuminated warehouse. So, the staff check the lights at all times and make sure that they are working properly. Otherwise, they get the same repaired by calling in electricians.

Ensure Items are Properly Shelved

The companies offering Brisbane refrigerated transport services ensure that all the items are shelved in cold storage since keeping the items on the floor is an absolute no-no.

By storing the items on the shelves, the staff from these companies can keep the items well-preserved. They generally do not store items on the floor since the ground can radiate heat and reduce the temperature. Besides, pests can easily damage the items if they are kept on the floor.

Check the Equipment Before Moving The Goods   

Lastly, the staff employed in Brisbane refrigerated transport companies inspect the equipment needed to unload and move the goods stored in the temperature-controlled facility.

If the tools are malfunctioning, not only will moving the items become difficult but sorting them accordingly will also become tedious. So, the staff always stay cautious when handling goods in these warehouses.

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The Role of Refrigerated Delivery Service in Cold Chain Management

When we discuss logistics, there are a few bottlenecks and challenges to get the better of, more so when things come down to transportation of temperature-dependent goods. Technically speaking, cold chain management or refrigerated transport system is a more advanced avatar of the standard supply chain in the sense that unlike in the conventional supply chain, it involves transportation of refrigerated or temperature-sensitive and frozen products.

The temperature regulation during transportation of goods may vary from 2 degrees to as low as 70 degree celsius below freezing point, depending on the nature of the products transported. When we speak of refrigerated transport in Gold Coast, it generally involves transportation of foods and beverages, medical products, floral products and the likes.

What is the Cold Chain Process?

Technically speaking, the cold chain process can be defined as a stringent series of steps or strategies, which are conceptualised for management and transportation of perishable products,  which require controlled temperature or refrigeration. It is all about preservation of the quality, and maintenance of safety and security of the products across their preparation, packing, storing, transportation  and delivery.

Frozen or refrigerated transportation lies at the core of the entire process and most potent to risks. That is why, every specialist company, offering refrigerated delivery service in Brisbane would put most emphasis on the refrigerated transport vehicles that they have in their fleet. They make sure that the vehicles are at the best conditions and their refrigeration system and the mechanical anatomy are flawless at any given point in time. Besides, they are equipped with a state of the art tracking system that involves tracking their physical location at any given point in time during the transit. Also, they are equipped with sensors that will constantly inform you about the temperature that is maintained in the goods chamber of the vehicles.

In fact, these vehicles have provisions  that will help tracking of data at any given point in time and this helps monitoring the quality and integrity of the goods in transit. And the stature of this technology attained by a cold chain management company in Brisbane will determine its efficacy and competency as a cold chain management company.

Where the Importance of Cold Chain Management Lies?

Cold chain is regarded as one of the most effective solutions when it  comes to transportation of perishable products. The mechanism ensures that the goods that demand temperature control are in fact delivered in the prescribed condition to ensure their safety till the very point of use by the end users.

Why Is Efficiency an Important Part of Cold Chain Management?

An effective and efficient cold chain process would use effective monitoring  and would reduce the extent of end to end manual handling of goods, more so the perishable ones. Experts have noticed that interruptions to the cold chain, and even manual handling, no matter how meticulous it might be, have a drastic negative effect on the quality of products, and in the worst case scenarios, this even renders the products unusable and unsellable.

Thus, an effective cold chain management will reduce the manual handling and other interruptions – end to end, thereby reducing spoilage, needness expenses, and wastage of time.

That is why you need to put stakes in a quality cold chain management company like JD Refrigerated Transport. Call us to let us know about your needs and see how we can help.

Why Is Choosing a Reputable Frozen Transport Service Suggested?

Whether you are sending frozen goods from Brisbane or any of its suburbs, hiring a top company offering refrigerated delivery is a must. This point is stressed by the frozen goods delivery service providers themselves for several reasons.

We will discuss the points here so that you can make the right decisions when it comes to choosing a frozen goods transport service provider.

Well-Maintained Trucks

No matter the items that you are sending such as perishable or non-perishable items, reputable freight companies in Brisbane and its suburbs offering refrigerated transport will always provide you with the best trucks that are properly maintained and sanitised. All of this means that there isn’t a chance that your items will be contaminated.

Better Temperature Control

If you hire an acclaimed refrigerated freight delivery service provider, rest assured that your goods will not, by any chance, be affected by heat. The reason behind this is outstanding temperature control in the truck as well as the warehouse where all of the items will be stored.

Generally, the top providers of refrigerated delivery services in Brisbane and the other suburbs surveil the temperatures of the transport trucks and the warehouses and take the appropriate measures to keep them under control for the safety of the goods.

On-Time Goods Delivery      

Even if the temperature of the trucks is regulated, your goods need to reach their destinations on time. But you can expect timely delivery of the goods if you book a well-known frozen goods delivery service provider.

The drivers of these trucks are highly efficient. They take the shortest routes to reach your preferred destination and hence, you can always expect timely delivery. Thus, when a professional refrigerated service provider is with you, there will be zero hassles.

Tracking of Your Goods Available

Booking a well-known refrigerated transport service in Lockyer Valley and other Brisbane suburbs is recommended since you will get to track your goods.

These service providers integrate advanced systems to geolocate the movement of your consignment. But if you are booking a company that is relatively new to the freight delivery industry, you might not get this option.

Better Management of Consignment

By hiring a leading frozen goods transport company, you can avoid the loss of your goods since the professionals manage all items using the latest tools and technologies.

Whether your goods will be despatched from the warehouse or be directly loaded into the transport truck, the staff employed in companies will manage the records to determine whether all the items are in place.

Assessment of Goods

Companies offering refrigerated transport in Toowoomba or other Brisbane suburbs will assess your goods before loading them on the transport truck.

They will be inspecting the type of goods that you are sending and whether it is properly packed. They will do so because they always aim to keep their customers’ goods safe from becoming damaged.

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The Impact of COVID 19 on Refrigerated Transport Services

The COVID 19-driven Pandemic has changed the order of the entire world. It has changed the social lifestyle for hitherto unknown periods, and that change has starkly impacted the business world as well. And along with the business world, the logistical activities have also seen a drastic change. And with the world of logistics changing, how can the cold chain logistics be left unaffected? Here on this page, let us discuss the impact of pandemic on the cold chain transportation system.

The Impact Has Been Progressive – Not a Regressive One

Unlike in some other spheres of transportation, the effect of pandemic on the refrigerated delivery service has been a positive one. The industry has seen an increase in the adoption rate of packaged food and beverages, and this has influenced a growth in the cold chain transport.  This has been a more or less universal phenomenon and Australia is no exception. This new trend also fueled the demand for cold chain warehousing in every part of Australia like the rest of the world, and Brisbane is no exception. This has opened up newer avenues for cold storage systems in Brisbane, which are a very integral part of the cold chain logistics system.

To be frank, the Coronavirus has impacted the supply chain of every niche of industry, much due to the restricted flow of trade. This has prompted the manufacturers of perishable goods, not only to manufacture their products but to store them in a healthy way and transport them to their respective destinations keeping their structural integrity intact. In this pandemic situation, when the window of transportation is restricted due to lockdowns and travel restrictions, the goods are supposed to spend more time in transit, and this is where the cold transport system has come  into play more vigorously.

The Pandemic Has Increased the Consumer Demand for Perishable Products

The end consumers have become more aware of health and wellness, and have become more conscious about the impact of food nutrients, particularly protein and its effect on their overall mental and physical wellbeing. This has resulted in the paradigm shift in food habits. People are shunning junk foods and fast foods and are more and more turning towards dairy products of many types, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and high animal protein-based foodstuffs like meat, egg, fish and seafood.

The Pandemic alone cannot be attributed to this sudden change in the habitats. Of course, it has a major role to play, but massive change in the taste and preferences, and rising disposable income of the consumers is also responsible for this sudden change. Whatever may the reason be, it has given the refrigerated delivery service in Brisbane like anywhere else a massive shot in the arm.

The Social Restrictions Have Increased the Demands of the Dairy and Frozen Desserts

Besides protein rich products, the pandemic has also resulted in a rise in popularity of frozen bakery products like cakes, breads, not to mention the dairy products like cheese and milk, butter and desserts. This has naturally increased the demand for trustworthy refrigerated transport services in Sunshine Coast like anywhere else.

Thus you see, cold chain management has been playing a substantial predominant role in food transportation even in this pandemic period. And with a reliable name like JD Refrigerated Transport around, transportation of perishable goods has never been difficult even in this Pandemic situation. Call us at 1300588022 to know more about our service.

Safety Checks Conducted by Refrigerated Delivery Service Providers

When it comes to refrigerated delivery, specialists in providing the service need to protect the goods. For that, they need to conduct intensive checking of equipment that helps in preserving the items. Also, the specialists carry out multiple inspections since a component failure can damage the goods that will be delivered.

So, if you are planning to deliver essentials such as medical supplies, food items, chemicals or other products from Brisbane or Glenn Innes, make sure the service provider performs these safety checks.

Coolant and Insulation Inspection

The company providing the transport with refrigerated storage in Brisbane will inspect the coolant and insulation systems inside the transport truck.

If the coolant is depleted, the specialists will refill them before even loading the items. At the same time, they will inspect the insulation system applied to the package because these keep the items cool.

Inspecting the Air Circulation

A disruption in the air circulation inside the transport truck will lead to an increase in the air temperature and might damage the goods. So, to make the refrigerated delivery safe, the professionals will inspect the systems that help in cold air circulation.

They will also inspect the vents through which the air circulates because a blockage can also lead to a disruption of the seamless flow of cool air. If they find any obstruction, they will remove it to keep your goods well-preserved.

Checking Entire Equipment

The specialists will inspect the entire cooling equipment mounted on the truck because component damage during the transport can prove to be detrimental for the goods that are being sent elsewhere. So, the professionals providing the refrigerated delivery service in Brisbane will test the equipment before loading the goods. With that, they will also perform routine equipment checks to ensure the smooth functioning of the air cooling systems.

Organised Loading Of Goods

The items that you wish to send via refrigerated trucks will be equipped in the vehicle systematically. For that, however, special tools and equipment will be used. With that, the managers will carefully load the items. So, a supervisor in the warehouse or the factory will check your packages as well as the equipment with which they will be loaded to keep your items secure.

Transport Truck Inspection

Before the truck can leave the facility to your preferred place to deliver the goods, the inspectors will check the truck as well because if it breaks down midway during delivery, getting another truck to the location can be time taking and your goods might be damaged if the fuel in the truck runs out since it powers up the cooling system inside the vehicle.

If any component failure or damages are found, the specialists carrying out maintenance of refrigerated transport in Glen Innes will repair them to avert the possible problems.

Securing Your Items

The supervisors will check the specifications of each package to ensure all your items are safe. Moreover, during the move, they will stop at certain points and to check and see whether all the items are there as they should be.

By performing these inspections, the service providers ensure the safety and protection of your goods.

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How a Temperature Monitoring System Can Solve Refrigerated Transport Challenges?

Cold chain management is the mainstay in the modern transport system. In fact, it plays an extremely pivotal role in transporting certain ideals like foodstuff, medicines, flowers and other perishable goods that demand temperature control when they are being transported from one point to the other. Now the first and foremost question that comes to the forefront is that, what specific advantage does a temperature monitoring system offer.  Here are some ways in which a temperature monitoring system will help out.

It Will Trigger off Automatic Alerts

While on the move for a refrigerated delivery in Brisbane or anywhere else, this state of the art system will set off automatic alerts on fluctuations of temperature. Thus, the person at the wheel of the refrigerated transport vehicle will be able to understand if and when the quality of the stuff being transported is compromised.

Even if there is a slight change in the temperature during the transit, it will not go unnoticed by the monitoring system. It will swiftly pick up the change and send an instant notification, informing the person at the wheel about the drop or rise in temperature.  Thus, it will let the individual contact the logistics team and inform them about the development.

Refrigerated Transport Sunshine Coast

It Will Generate Reports Automatically

The temperature monitoring system comes up with a state of the art mechanism, which will automatically generate reports, which can be analysed real-time, thus helping the experts to take instant measures accordingly. This will help in some flawless refrigerated transport service in Sunshine Coast or elsewhere.

It Tracks Real-Time Temperature

After the advent of this state of the art temperature monitoring system, the freight transport companies in Brisbane like us do not need to manually check or call for maintaining and updating temperature readings or receive updates of products periodically. Instead, it has now become possible for us to track and trace any fluctuation of temperature, real-time, even remotely.

It Comes with Customisable Indicators

These state of the art temperature monitoring systems come up with customised indicators that mark the maximum and minimum temperature thresholds, which vary according to nature or the products transported or the type of container used.  These indicators can also be reset to reflect the changing compulsions during the transit, in case there is a sudden change in outside temperature.

They Help with over-Time Temperature Database

This system comes with over-time temperature data, which will help the stakeholders to know the series of temperatures the products have gone through, during the transit. Now the condition of the products at the end of the transit is evaluated vis-à-vis the chronological temperature variations recorded during the transit. This over-the-time temperature database will help the stakeholders to make amendments, if needed, to safeguard the products’ lifecycle and protect them during future transportation.

It Helps in Package-Level Monitoring

There are certain shipments that are portable and compact. These are often prone to the risk of getting spoiled during the move. That is the reason, it is so important to monitor the temperature of each of the packaging during the transport. The sensors that come with the temperature monitoring system help in doing so, during transit.

Thus you see, how much these state of the art TMS helps the refrigerated transport companies. That is why, you must hire a quality company that offers these facilities if you are to transport temperature-sensitive goods. What better name can you opt for, than JD Refrigerated Transport? To know the details, call us at 1300588022 during our office hours.

Challenges Faced by Refrigerated Transport Service Providers

Cold Chain Management has changed the world of transportation and logistics upside down. Refrigerated transport has revolutionised the way goods, more so the perishable ones are transported. However, refrigerated transport is not without blues. It does face challenges from different quarters. Thus, companies offering refrigerated transport also have to brave challenges and come up with spotless service to serve their clients. In fact, the credibility of these companies depends upon how successful they are in overcoming the challenges. We at JD Refrigerated Transport are one of the best in the business simply because of our proficiency, professionalism and our success in overcoming the following challenges that pose a threat to cold chain management.

Hot Loads

As per the market pundits, 32% of the refrigerated cargo that is loaded on refrigerated vehicles remain at the wrong temperature when they are loaded. “This mainly happens due to poor loading practices” the white papers that these market analysts come up with would state in general. Then again, in many cases, the consignment is left waiting for too long in the open at the loading facility, thus raising the risk of the goods being refused by the receiver. Thus, it is imperative for any company offering refrigerated transport in Glen Innes as anywhere else to streamline their service and negate these hiccups.

Refrigerated Delivery Service Brisbane

Equipment Failure

This is another pretty common challenge that these transport companies would fail. If and when the transport refrigeration unit goes for a toss, the cargo is exposed to risk. As per the observation of the experts, today’s refrigerator units can have over 200 alarm/fault codes that can thwart the ability of the refrigeration system to maintain the desired temperature during transit. Thus, the company offering refrigerated delivery service in Brisbane has to take steps and ensure that the unit is always in the best condition, to avoid these mishaps.

Driver Error

This is another extremely common challenge that the Brisbane refrigerated freight transport companies face. Drivers time and again commit a mistake, while setting the mode of operation of the unit either while setting the start/stop mode or in the running mode. They are also needed to know how to perfectly run the manual defrost mechanism of the refrigeration unit if and when needed. Thus, any reputed company needs to conduct periodic training of its drivers on the latest refrigeration systems and the technicalities to run them flawlessly, to avert this challenge. That’s what we, at JD Refrigerated Transport would do, periodically.

“With the transport refrigeration units getting more and more sophisticated, there is an ardent need of continuous updates on the part of the drivers.” – the white papers observed. “And again, with diverse and complex units being used to carry different types of loads, the training has to be comprehensive!” the observations say.

Delayed Notifications

When it comes to loading consignments on to the truck, what the refrigerated transport companies need is real-time data, backed by prompt notification as well as identification of the prioritisation areas. Any delay in this aspect will lead to a fault in the loading and temperature management.

So you see, when it comes to offering flawless refrigerated transport in Gold Coast a company in question must take punitive actions to negate these risks and come up with a flawless service to serve the purpose of their clients. We at JD Refrigerated Transport would always do that and that is one of the reasons why we are so much adored in the industry today.

If you are to know further about us and book a consignment, call us at 1300588022 during our duty hours.

Monitoring Temperature – Hallmark of Refrigerated Delivery Service

Refrigerated delivery service has always been a tricky affair. Not many names in the market can excel in transporting perishable goods from one place to another. The process requires state of the art transport vehicles equipped with a temperature control mechanism and a suitable technology to monitor the same, to be able to carry out the task seamlessly and flawlessly.

JD Refrigerated Transport is one of the names that have earned a reputation in the market. We have scaled new heights in the realm of refrigerated delivery service in Brisbane of late, and that success can be attributed to our professionalism and access to state of the art technology pertaining to refrigerated transport.

One of the mainstays of our success is the cutting-edge temperature control mechanism that we follow for the goods on transit, along with the temperature monitoring technology to back it up.

Refrigerated Delivery

The Background…. 

The practical need for temperature control extends beyond the products that are meant for human consumption. Even some specialist paints, coating materials and certain chemicals are damaged when exposed to unconditioned temperature. These materials MUST be preserved in controlled temperature and conditions, and this limits the scope of transporting them. This is where refrigerated delivery service providers like us come into play.

Our impeccably maintained transport mechanism makes sure that perishable products are kept strictly under controlled temperature, right from the point of origin until they reach their final destination. The logistic principle that is maintained is termed as ‘cold chain management’.  It encompasses the refrigerated containers or the ‘reefers’ as well as distribution centres and warehouses, not to mention the final storage and holding areas.

The Purpose….. 

The risk of temperature failure is ever-present in this entire logistics chain. This means the cargo can exceed or not reach the designated temperature while in transit, leading to a literal breakdown of the entire logistic system. This is where there is an ardent need of a mechanism that is capable of strictly monitoring the temperature at any given point in time, and taking evasive action whenever it is needed. We have a foolproof and highly advanced temperature monitoring technology in place, which makes our temperature controlled freight transport system in Brisbane safe and sound.

The Cost and Liability Issues… 

Certain cargos that demand conditioned temperature to remain unscathed show apparent damage, when exposed to temperatures beyond the permissible limit. In other words, the effect becomes pretty evident – like in the case of fruits like bananas. However, in other cases, like vaccines, this change may not be apparent, as it is not possible to detect and judge if the vaccine has become ineffective just by its ‘physical appearance’. Then even brief exposure to unrestricted temperature can reduce the shelf life of certain products drastically. All these will cause the transport service provider to incur a substantial financial loss in short as well as long term.

This is where a strict temperature monitoring mechanism equipped with electronic temperature and humidity data loggers becomes all the more pertinent. The mechanism prevents these ancillary expenses, and most importantly, determines the class of the service provider.

We at JD Refrigerated Transport pride to say that your consignment will be safest at our hands at any point in time during the transport, thanks to the state of the art temperature monitoring technology that we have in place. We guarantee that they will be at the pink of health and condition, regardless of the distance they travel.

For further details, please feel free to get in touch with us at 1300 588 022 or write to us at info@jdtransportgroup.com.au