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Heat-Wave Challenges Refrigerated Transportation Can Experience

When it comes to shipping frozen food or goods from one location to the next, you often rely on refrigerated transportation. It is meant to be the best way anyone wants to opt for in order to keep their goods safe and fresh. They undoubtedly maintain a proper temperature to ensure the freshness of frozen items, but there are certain challenges they may experience in properly doing so. Above all, there are certain heat-wave challenges that may make your items suffer in the worst manner.

If your frozen goods are exposed to heat for a long time, it can be extremely unhealthy for your business and negatively impact your profit margin. But if you are able to find the best company for frozen food transport in Brisbane, you can ensure the proper management of the temperature inside the truck, even if it is exposed to heat on its entire journey. They are aware of the heat-wave challenges and know how to overcome them in no time.

So, before you proceed, you must find the right company for refrigerated transportation. Not only that, but you also need to do one more thing, which is understand the heat-wave challenges in detail. As a business person, it is your primary responsibility to be aware of them. So, read the following pointers now:

Heat Exposure

When heat is exposed to the cooling units for a prolonged period of time, it can degrade the goods stored inside. The phases of unloading and loading are the most delicate parts of refrigerated transportation, and this is where mistakes happen, which leads to failure. So, if these two phases are handled the right way, the temperature in the cooling units is meant to remain affected by prolonged heat exposure.

Hardware Breakdown

Heat exposure is responsible not only for a lowered product temperature but also for sudden breakdowns in equipment, like malfunctioning power systems or circulation. This happens because of overheating. Overlooking this can make the problems take on bigger shapes and, thereby, cause harm to your frozen items. So, dealing with the best company for refrigerated transportation is extremely important.

Lack of a Constant and Reliable Workforce

Today, there is a lack of qualified drivers due to fluctuations, holidays, and driving bans. This way, many refrigerated transportation companies are unable to get a constant and reliable workforce to support frozen food shipments. But the best company offering the same is meant to have qualified drivers and other professionals on board and ready to serve you.

Even if there are major heat-wave challenges, you don’t have to worry about your frozen goods or food if you deal with the best company offering frozen goods transport in Brisbane. They will make sure that your items are safely and freshly shipped to the location you set. They will constantly update you about your shipment and, thereby, provide you with peace of mind.

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A Brief Account of Packing Goods For Refrigerated Transport

Packing plays a pivotal role in transportation of refrigerated goods, to start with. And when it comes to packing stuff for refrigerated transport,insulation is the most important chapter to reckon. The reason is pretty obvious. A foolproof insulation will keep heat at bay, thereby allowing the goods to be transported to remain frozen and unaffected. On this page let us discuss the most commonly used packing materials that are used in refrigerated transportation.


It is one of the most commonly used materials that are used to package refrigerated products. This material is made up of polystyrene foam, which keeps heat at bay, as it is mainly made up of air. Thus, it turns out to be a top-quality insulator when it comes to packing frozen as well as cold products. These Styrofoam boxes are available in various thickness and sizes.

Insulated and Air-Filled Box Liners

These are another option that the companies offering refrigerated transport in Brisbane would use. These top-quality insulated and air-filled box liners would protect the shipment and help the refrigeration system to keep the shipment temperature to the desired level.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is generally used by professionals for shipping frozen products. Dry ice comes in snow, pellets as well as block form, and these forms are equally effective in maintenance of freezing cold temperatures all throughout the transit. The embedded refrigeration of the reefers play the first defence, while these stuffs play the role of a backup in case the refrigeration system malfunctions.

When things come down to using dry ice, the amount used depends on the volume of the goods to be shipped and the duration of the shipment. Dry ice is hazardous as it emits carbon dioxide. That’s why it is generally averted these days.

Gel Packs

Gel packs are generally used to transport goods that need to be kept cold but not frozen. These packs are manufactured in such a way so that they will fit in tight places. These packs are ideal if there is an ardent need to keep the goods in transit cool for an extended period of time.


Reefers, another name for refrigerated containers, are an extremely crucial link in the cold chain management by companies offering frozen goods transport in Brisbane. Perishable items are transported at a regulated temperature using reefer containers, which are temperature-controlled units. They use refrigeration units to keep the temperature steady, usually between 0°C and 10°C.

Transporting commodities across borders and over long distances is made possible by the use of reefers. Reefers are frequently used in conjunction with temperature-controlled warehouses and other cold chain solutions, such as packaging solutions like those previously described.

When combined, these technologies and insulation provisions offer a comprehensive cold chain solution, guaranteeing that products are maintained at the proper temperature from the point of manufacturing to the point of customer delivery.

So if you are looking forward to hiring a refrigerated transport service JD Refrigerated Transport is the best option to turn to if you are in Brisbane. Call us to book our service.

Facts About Refrigerated Containers You Need to Know Before Hiring One

Reefers or refrigerated containers play the central role in refrigerated or cold transport service. In fact, the efficacy of cold transport service revolves around the features and the efficacy of these reefers. These temperature-controlled containers are best, when it comes to transportation of perishable cargo, like fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy, animal and pharmaceutical products, films, different types of frozen and chilled goods and the likes. In fact, these reefers are the only safe and effective means available to the logistics companies, when it comes to frozen goods transport in Brisbane like any other place. On this page, we we shall discuss:

  • How do these reefers operate
  • Advantages of using state of the art reefers
  • Varieties of Reefers
  • Components of a modern reefer

How Do These Reefers Work?

These modern reefers are designed to evenly distribute chilled air from their floor, through a T- shaped decking and this unique shape of the decking ensures a steady flow of air that is strong enough to maintain the needed temperature for the entire duration of transit, even when the conditions are the harshest.

What Are the Benefits of Using These Reefers?

  • As these reefers basically are self-contained refrigerated units, they can easily bypass cold storage at the destination point upon their arrival.
  • They come in various sizes and dimensions and this helps them to be the fittest to carry any type or volume of goods.
  • They are durable and can operate in inclement conditions
  • They provide provisions of easy loading and unloading, help to keep at bay wastage of perishables and thus, helps a higher ROI than conventional containers and thus, extremely important assets for transport companies in Brisbane or anywhere else who are into cold transport.

What Are the Different Types of Reefers?

These reefers or refrigerated containers come in the following types and forms:

Closed reefers: These are conventional reefers, which come in an intact, single piece. They come with an integral frontal wall and all-electric automated heating and cooling units.

MA/CA or Modified Atmosphere/Controlled Atmosphere reefers: These are the more advanced versions of reefers, which  come with an air exchange system, which helps maintain a constant and steady temperature level by continuously replacing the consumed oxygen. Thus, the temperature in these MA/CA reefers stays in equilibrium with the rate of the deterioration of the cargo.

AFAM or Automatic Fresh Air Management reefer: This is the most advanced form of reefer that comes with cutting edge technology, which helps in automated adjustment of the exchange of air within the container. These reefers control oxygen  composition as well, much like the MA/CA reefers, along with the composition of carbon dioxide and other gases, regardless of the exterior conditions.

What Are the Components of a Reefer?

The principal components of a reefer used by every Brisbane freight transport company like their components elsewhere include:

Genset: It is a dual powered generator set that runs both in petrol, gasoline or diesel as well as in electricity.

Humidity Control Unit: As the name suggests, this is a device that controls the relative humidity of the air inside the container, which is detrimental to the safe shipment of the cargo, by encouraging growth of moulds, fungus, bacteria  and other pathogens.

Temperature Control Unit: This unit is responsible for controlling the temperature of the container, depending on the type of goods being shipped.

Besides, these reefers also carry GPS sets that help to track them at any given point in time.

For further details, get in touch with JD Refrigerated Transport, as we are the best in cold chain management in and around Brisbane.

How to Pack Your Items Appropriately for Refrigerated Transport?

All items that you are planning to send through refrigerated delivery will need to be properly packed, irrespective of perishable or non-perishable items. However, the former requires extra care and attention while packing.

If you are in Brisbane, you will need to find a well-known company that offers frozen transport delivery since they will give you several tips regarding packing. However, if you go through the points mentioned here, you will get a basic understanding of how you can pack your goods and keep them safe during transport.

Using Boxes Made of Styrofoam

You can use styrofoam boxes to pack your items since they are bad conductors of heat.

They are made up of polystyrene foam and are hence a good insulator for cold items. Moreover, they are available in several sizes and thicknesses. So, you can choose the box that might suit best for your goods. However, if you are sending perishable items such as food, choose the thicker boxes before you book the frozen food transport service in Brisbane.

Using Cut Sheets Made of Styrofoam

Apart from the styrofoam boxes, you can also use cut sheets made from the same material(s).

They are cheaper but might not protect your goods for a longer period since heat can eventually penetrate through these sheets.

They are also available in various shapes and sizes. So, you can order them the way you like.

Insulated Liners

During item packing, you can insert insulated box liners inside the packing box that you are using. These liners can accurately protect both perishable and non-perishable items before the frozen goods transport service in Brisbane can be initiated. Additionally, you can use bubble wraps for extra protection of your goods if there is space inside the box.

Using Air-Filled Insulated Box Liners

This is another cheaper solution that you can use for frozen delivery. The air is filled inside the boxes with a hand pump or air tank depending on the size of your shipments. Furthermore, this packing method is not time-taking. So, if you are tight on deadlines but have to pack and send a lot of items, you can consider using this method.

Using Tapes

After packing, use tapes at the edges of all the boxes as recommended by most Brisbane refrigerated couriers. This ensures strong protection against heat that might enter and spoil your perishable and non-perishable items.

Using Dry Ice Packs

Though a costly solution of keeping your goods well protected during transport, you can rest assured that dry ice packs can preserve your goods in the best condition. However, as mentioned, you should only use them if you have a large volume of perishable goods. Otherwise, the general packing items that we have mentioned are enough to keep your items safe.

Remember, that if you hire a reputed frozen item delivery service in Brisbane, they will use temperature-controlled vehicles to keep your items safe. But still, if you pack them following the mentioned methods, none of your items will be damaged.

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Features that You Can Find in a Reputed Frozen Goods Delivery Service

A well-known frozen goods delivery service provider will always try to retain its reputation. For that, they will provide certain ‘ad-ons’ with their services. But if you are in Brisbane or any of its suburbs and wondering what features you should look for before hiring the service provider, you are in the right place. Go through the points mentioned here to get an idea of the USPs.

Skilled People Managing Your Goods

A provider of professional frozen goods transport services in Brisbane and its other suburbs will always recruit experts to manage goods efficiently. In fact, since these are frozen goods, they will have to be managed with care. Only specialists in frozen delivery can take care of them. Therefore, hiring them is always essential for a company that provides this specific service.

Careful Loading and Unloading of the Frozen Items

The procedure of loading and unloading frozen goods is a bit different than that of normal goods. However, an acclaimed company will have the equipment to pick up and empty the goods from the containers. Moreover, the professionals will attentively load and unload the goods to avoid damages. This is something that a reputed company will promote, and you should look for this feature before booking the service.

Customised Solutions

To retain the reputation and to stay ahead of competitors, acclaimed companies offering delivery of frozen goods will tailor the services as per your needs. This is a notable quality since you can easily get what you want without spending extra on those things that will be of no use to you.

Warehouse Facility

If you have a lot of goods that need to be delivered to the specified businesses at the right time so that they can reach the consumers without delay, you might require a refrigerated warehouse in Brisbane or any of its suburbs. But if you approach a well-known service provider offering frozen transport, you might find this attribute. However, to store your goods in the warehouse before they can be transported might require you to pay more for the service. But some providers offer this feature at no extra cost.

High-End Transport Vehicles

Without exceptional vehicles, transporting your frozen goods will be next to impossible. But the good thing is, a reputed company has the necessary resources at its disposal. That means you can expect well-maintained vehicles to be used for the delivery of your items. These vehicles are equipped with temperature-controlled units and solid-state shock protection to keep your goods intact.

24/7 Support

This is another notable feature that you can find in the refrigerated transport services provided in Lockyer Valley besides other Brisbane suburbs.

If you have queries, you can reach out to the company at any time so that the professionals there can solve them instantly.

Accurate Tracking

A well-respected company offering transport of frozen goods will offer accurate tracking as a feature to help you locate where your goods are. Besides, if you require any assistance regarding the exact location of your shipment, the company can provide you with that as well.

These are some of the common features that you can find in a company. However, they can vary from company to company besides the package that you have opted for.

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6 Steps of Keeping Frozen Foods Safe Before Shipping

Whether you are shipping frozen foods to or from Brisbane or Gold Coast, you will need to follow certain steps that will ensure their safety. Today, we will discuss those steps here in detail so that you can better manage the preservation and delivery of the items. Also, make sure that you are hiring a good company when it comes to shipping frozen items since they have the resources to keep the frozen items in perfect condition.

Use Insulated Packaging

Packaging frozen food items is extremely important before you can proceed with the frozen goods transport in Brisbane or Gold Coast. For that, along with the right temperature setting, insulation is also required throughout the transport duration.

Insulated packaging will help perishable foods from rotting and will help retain the temperature. Also, make sure that the transport company is using insulated bags or containers made specifically for frozen food

Use Dry Ice and Cold Gel Packs

Along with packaging, you will need to use things that help keep the food ‘frozen’.

You need to consider these as catalysts and these are none other than dry ice and cold gel packs.

Dry ice is used in the transport of food because of its capability of keeping the items cooler for a longer period as compared to normal ice. Also, they can last up to 18 to 24 hours and you can customise the amount depending on the amount required for packaging.

Similar to that of the dry ice, cold gel packs are also used since they help retain food inside insulated packages. On top of that, these gel packs are available in different shapes that help in inserting them inside the package easily.

Check the Packaging Before Loading the Items

After packaging and including the additives, you should check the packaging before they are loaded to the transport vehicle by the company providing refrigerated transport in Gold Coast or Brisbane.

Double-checking your package is important because even the slightest leak can lead to them getting spoilt or contaminated. Besides, you will also need to check whether you have labelled all the containers for easy identification.

Hire the Right Frozen Transport Company

To keep your frozen items safe, you will need to hire a company that provides safe delivery.

You can choose the company by searching online and asking them the ways how they transport frozen food without causing damage. Also, the company that you choose should have sufficient experience in loading and unloading the goods in the right manner to avoid damages.

Ensure High-End Cold Storage and Transport

If, before transport, your goods need to be stored, make sure that the frozen transport company in Brisbane or Gold Coast has the warehouse equipped with the right temperature controlled units to keep the packaged foods safe.

The same goes for their transport trucks as well. The freezers will have to be well-maintained so that the items do not get contaminated or rotten.

Quick Transport

To keep the frozen food fully safe, quick transport is the best solution. For this, you will need to find a company that can do so.

Generally, reputed companies always complete the transport on time to keep the items safe and retain their reputation.

Hire Your Reliable Refrigerated Transport Company

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