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How Is Fresh Produce Managed With Cold Storage And Logistics?

Fresh produce comprises farmed crops and other ingredients for the preparation of food. However, since these are perishable items to store them and transport them to places safely, cold storage and specific logistics are required. In Brisbane, several companies offer these services, thereby contributing to the seamless transfer of fresh produce and the retention of their nutritional value. Now, the question is, how is fresh produce managed with cold storage and logistics? Well, various steps need to be followed by the managers and here, we will discuss a few of those.

Active Temperature Control

To transfer fresh produce, typically, cold logistics in Brisbane is used. With the help of this technology, all types of fruits and vegetables can be preserved. However, each of these has certain temperature requirements. Professionals who manage these components have knowledge regarding the same. So, they control the temperature of the cold storage facilities appropriately. By doing so, they can retain the freshness and purity of the farmed products.

Managing Humidity

Only controlling the temperature is not enough. To preserve fresh produce, humidity management in the storage facilities as well as logistics is also necessary. Otherwise, the fruits and vegetables can get damaged.

Typically, higher amounts of humidity lead to the formation of mould and other forms of bacterial growth thus damaging the produce. On the other hand, low humidity can dehydrate the same. However, modern frozen transport chains are equipped with technology that enables adjustment of humidity. Professionals take advantage of these technologies to retain the quality and freshness of farmed products.

Routine Inspection

Due to the advent of modern technologies, temperature and humidity control in cold storage in Brisbane is managed automatically. At present, advanced tools and equipment are used which enable convenient management of fresh produce. However, active supervision is needed for managing them since these are perishable items. So, due to this type of sensitivity, professionals inspect them from time to time. They do not blindly depend on technology.

Follow Guided Transport

Fresh produce is not only temperature-sensitive but transport-sensitive as well. Whether it’s fruits or vegetables, they need to be moved with care. Otherwise, there can be irreparable damage. So, to avoid it, transport providers follow the manual provided to them by the producers or professionals having knowledge of how to handle them.

Active Temperature Monitoring

Certain farm items require active temperature management. So, to handle these products efficiently, Brisbane frozen transport providers regulate the temperature manually. Apart from that, they monitor the temperature from time to time and adjust them whenever needed. But while doing so, they follow the manual provided by the experts.

Implementing Ethylene Control Mechanism

Some fruits and vegetables and fruits emit ethylene, a type of gas that quickens their ripening process and even impacts nearby produce. So, to preserve all products in storage or during transport, the logistics providers sometimes use ethylene control mechanisms. Doing so inhibits the ripening process.

Generally, these are a few steps that are followed for the efficient management of fresh produce. But apart from these, providers follow other steps as well which we will discuss another time.

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4 Best Practices for Refrigerated Transport Service

One of the advantages of putting stakes in reputed refrigerated freight companies is that they will follow the best practices to ensure they are able to get your consignment to its destination in time, unscathed and unharmed.

Nevertheless, we discuss on this page, 4 best practices that these freight companies would follow while offering refrigerated transport services in Glen Innes or elsewhere around Brisbane.

Precise Temperature Control & Maintenance During Refrigerated Transport

Reputed companies offering cold chain management would maintain a fleet of the very latest refrigerated trucks of different loading capacities, which will ensure product quality. This will also guarantee negation of the probability of potential losses, resulting from any temperature variation.

At times, these professionals will improve the airflow within their trailer by installing door switches. Before opening the doors for unloading or loading cargo, the staff would turn off the air conditioning. This will prevent the hot air from being drawn into the trailers – something that will happen if the AC unit is still running, with the trailer doors open.

Trailers with door switches will automatically switch off the unit, whenever the doors are opened. This will guarantee the integrity of the cargo throughout the entire period of loading and unloading process.

Simulating Air Flow & Circulation

Secondly, the principal objective of the companies offering cold logistics in Brisbane is to simulate airflow and circulation. Consistent air circulation and airflow from the front of these trailers to the rear would help in the maintenance of appropriate and uniform temperature throughout the trailer.

Hence, the loading and unloading experts of these companies need to be accustomed with the most effective loading configurations that would allow effective airflow and air circulation. For instance, placing the palletised products at a distance from the wall and the door will allow free flow of air around the load. The air will act as a natural insulator and protect the pallets from hot or cold conditions prevailing outdoors, thereby helping in the maintenance of the set temperature inside.

Recognition of Impact of ‘Off Time’ in Start/Stop Operation

Generally, it is imperative that the fall out of the so-called ‘off time’ is recognised in a typical start / stop operation. For instance, when things come down to transportation of frozen products, the temperature variation or difference between the front and rear of the trailer might not be that important, as frozen products are not that sensitive to temperature variation. However, when transporting products that are fresh and temperature-sensitive, this variation becomes extremely crucial. This is where the impact of the ‘off time’ becomes extremely significant. Even the slightest chances caused by the restart temperature will lead to drastic fluctuation in the actual temperature of the trailer, leading to degradation of the cargo.

Use of Telematics

The best Brisbane Freight Transport companies would use telematics for achievement of quality assurance. This is done by automating the sensors and alarms to notify the drivers and the fleet managers about any alarming temperature fluctuation or spillages before they actually occur.

Thus, when you hire the best transport companies offering cold chain logistics, you can be sure of the quality of service due to these practices. It’s the same when you hire JD Refrigerated Transport, as we are the best. Call us at the earliest to book our service.

The Most Pertinent Risks That the Refrigerated Transport Industry Has to Negate

Cold chain management is the new order of the world, as far as the logistics and transportation industry is concerned. Indeed, refrigerated transport, as it is alternatively termed, has changed the way goods are shipped today, more so when it comes to high value and perishable consignments over long distances.

The high tech aspects that refrigerated transports have made significant changes in transportation, improving it by manifold. However, that does not mean that refrigerated transport does not have its own perils. Every company offering refrigerated transport in Brisbane like elsewhere in the world is aware of these risks and takes appropriate measures to counter them. But what are those risks? Besides the general suspected issues like human error, faulty hardware and the likes there are unexpected occurrences like contamination scares, acts of Nature, and now this pandemic.

Let us explore.

Pressure to Meet the Cost Efficiency Can at Times Be Detrimental

Cold chain management is all about dealing with a high tech transportation system that is used to control the temperature during the journey. However, in order to meet the cost efficiency, the service providers at times have to cut down on a number of value additions.

Now this, at times, turns out to be detrimental to the maintenance of quality during the transport. This is a risk and the only way to negate it is to balance between cost and these value additions. Every quality company offering cold chain logistics & transport service in Brisbane as in any other location would do that.

Absence of a Uniform Infrastructure

To make the most out of the cost chain management, there has to be a uniform infrastructure present throughout the entire theatre platform that is taking part in the transportation. This comes true, more in the case of long-distance haulage, where there is a need for the overnight stoppage and hence, an to mark warehousing facilities.

However, lack of proper and uniform infrastructure like inadequate storing facility of inappropriate temperature control mechanism in the warehouses, improper loading and unloading facilities mar the very purpose of cost logistics system in and around Brisbane like anywhere else. The service providers have to work negotiating such risks. Besides, there are several related ecological, legal risks that these companies have to encounter as well.

Environmental Risks

These are considered as the risks pertaining to the acts of God or nature. The extremities of the Australian weather, the severity of its summer and winter and at times the severity of rains may pose potential risks that the companies offering cold courier service in Brisbane or other places have to face. 

While there is hardly any way out of these risks, a quality and experienced company offering cold transportation in and around Brisbane like anywhere else is expected to have adequate expertise and infrastructure to counter these risks. That is the reason, you are expected to put stakes in a reputed cold courier service provider that can be able to negate these risks and justify your investment.

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The Most Frequent Challenges Faced by Cold Couriers

Cold chain management is one of the mainstays of the modern logistics system. In fact, but for an effective cold transport system, the scenario of contemporary logistics would have never been the same again.

Before we discuss the challenges faced by the cold chain management companies, let us first know what cold chain management is. Technically speaking, it can be defined as a temperature-controlled or temperature conditioned supply chain.

From the production point of view, cold chain refers to an unabated supply of refrigerated activities related to production, storage as well as distribution. It is coupled with associated logistics and equipment that are designed to maintain a specific temperature range. However, in doing so, a lot of challenges come, and it is the responsibility of these cold couriers to overcome these challenges.

That is the reason, experience and expertise always count in cold chain management and companies that are expert in this niche excel more than their comparatively less fancied competitors. Therefore, putting money on reputed names like JD Refrigerated Transport pays off. Here is a brief account of the challenges that we have to overcome to provide quality service to our clients.


1. Lack of Documentation

Documentation is a significant chapter in cold chain management. It helps in recording the product storage conditions that the courier companies can refer to. However, the consigners at times skip this step either due to mistakes or sheer negligence. They at times, even do not download the data loggers out of utter laxity. When this vital step is skipped, the cold couriers face immense difficulty in verifying the safety clauses and act accordingly.

This can leave all the parties in stake, exposed to potential charges or additional claims for the damage the good to be transported. Compliance with controlled temperature instructions is possible only when there is proper documentation.

When there is a lack of it, it is the experience of the transportation that comes into play. Cold couriers in Brisbane that face this challenge overcome it by sheer experience. This is why putting money on experienced names in cold chain management pays off.

2. Imperfect Packaging and Issues Related To Product Quality

This is another challenge that these companies have to deal with. There are occasions, when inadequate or improper packaging and sanitising may pose problems for the goods to be transported.

Again, this happens due to the utter negligence of the consigner. When that happens, it is the responsibility of the courier companies to make amends.

Again, this is a challenge that can be overcome by experience. Only seasoned companies that are into cold logistics in Brisbane for long will be able to overcome this challenge. They do so by packing the goods adequately. This makes sure that they are not affected or contaminated during the journey.

3. Interrupted Climate and Temperature Control

One of the stiffest challenges that these cold chain management companies have to overcome is the issue interrupted climate and temperature variances. It affects the safety and quality of the goods in transit severely.

This happens due to the sudden occurrence of a wide range of situations. Under these circumstances, it is the responsibility of the logistics company and the driver to ensure that the temperature of the trailers is adequately maintained or pre-cooled properly to negate the effect of these fluctuations.

So all these explain why experience and expertise count so much when it comes to cold chain management. Hence, if you are to deliver any perishable item, you need to put your stakes on a seasoned cold logistics company. What better name can you opt for, than JD Refrigerated Transport?

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