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What are the Future Trends of Refrigerated Couriers?

Refrigerated couriers, commonly termed “cold couriers,” have come a long way since their inception way back in the 1800s. In the current context, refrigerated couriers play a revolutionary role in taking the concept of courier service to a different level.

The efficacy of refrigerated courier has been profoundly proven during the recent COVID-19-driven pandemic, for transportation of the vaccines to every nook and cranny of the world. Australia has not been an exception. Every big city in Australia has seen the emergence of these service providers. The story of Brisbane is no different.

However, let us look towards the future and take a sneak peek at the future trends of refrigerated couriers.

  • Improved Version of GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is not a new technology, and it has been widely used in pre-cooling for ages. Now the GPS technology is set to go to the next level, wherein, the technology is linked with the temperature monitoring technology to constantly monitor and control the refrigerated trucks and their real-time temperature at any given point in time. This state-of-the-art, real-time cargo monitoring mechanism would include wireless temperature sensors and data loggers, along with other supplementary devices to complete the monitoring system.

This next generation monitoring system, which the reefer vans and trucks are already fitted with, will come in handy while delivering high-value refrigerated products like medicines, vaccines, injections, and the like. So one big advantage of hiring top quality, reputable Brisbane refrigerated couriers is that these companies have access to these cutting edge technologies.

  • All Electrically Powered Refrigeration System

Commercial transportation is a high-end and high-cost process, and when it comes to commercial refrigerated transportation, the stakes are even higher. It encompasses the cost of initial equipment, the cost of installation of equipment like relays, fans, controllers, sensors, etc., and the operating costs. It was estimated that reefer trucks generally consume one-fourth more fuel than their non refrigerated counterparts. This is where the all-electric refrigerated system will make a difference. This all-new technology will eliminate all those environmental operational costs as well as the environmental effects caused by those old-style reefer trucks.

These low-emission refrigerated vans and trucks will have a lesser environmental impact and will help maintain a much greener cold chain. For long-haul transports, these all-electrically powered reefer vans would offer greater efficiency. That is because this advanced eclectic compressor technology will enable the entire mechanism to run and operate at an optimum speed. This will result in a better and more sustainable cooling capacity.

  • Solar-Powered Reefer Vans

As of late, refrigerated couriers have put more emphasis on solar powered reefer vans. At present, the reefer vans are diesel-powered and, hence, consume a lot of energy as well as maintenance. Besides, these vans also result in environmental pollution through greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the noise level that the engine emits.

This is where the solar powered trucks will make the difference. They are the emerging trend in cold chain management. The on board solar system of these trucks will provide extra energy without any impact on the environment whatsoever. Thus, these solar powered reefer vans are the gateway to green cold chain management.

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How do Reputable Cold Couriers Maintain Their Refrigerated Vans?

When it comes to booking cold couriers, you must opt for the best and the most reputable one. The reason being, these more fancied and reputable refrigerated transport providers would not only get your consignment on time and in perfect condition, but they would also take the best steps to keep their refrigerated van in the best condition. On this page, let us discuss the steps that these cold couriers in Brisbane or elsewhere would take to maintain their refrigerated vans and ensure that they are in the pink of health – at any given point in time. 

They Conduct Thorough Routine Checkups and Tuning

When it comes to conducting the essential basic maintenance that these  Refrigerated Transport Service providers provide, they would include checking the fuel, oils, other fluids and the coolants on a regular basis. The idea is to ensure that the vehicle runs smoothly and guarantee optimal performance. These companies generally change the fluids and the oil once in roughly 3000 miles.  

Refrigerated vans are different from the regular vehicles in the sense that they are extremely sensitive to dirt, water and dust. Once they  get too overwhelmed by these elements, they affect the ability of the refrigerator system to maintain the consistency of the desired temperature. Thus, reputable providers of Refrigerated Transport in Brisbane or elsewhere would conduct regular tune ups that include checking to make sure no contaminant has come in contact with the  refrigeration unit – something that can have a negative effect on the temperature performance. 

They Would Schedule Regular Inspection by the Experts

These providers of courier service would have their vehicle checked by licensed experts at regular intervals. 

That will ensure that the refrigerated transport vehicle is in a sound working condition. They will spot the minor as well as major glitches and will use all their experience and expertise to address and resolve them at the earliest. Thus, this is one of the most crucial steps when it comes to maintaining refrigerated transport vehicles. 

They Would Conduct Pre-trip Checks Every Time

Reputed companies offering refrigerated transport in Gold Coast would carry out comprehensive pre-trip checks every time they are scheduled to take up any consignment. That’s because a mid journey technical glitch is the last thing that any refrigerated transport service would expect. Hence, the checking they will conduct may include but not restricted to: 

  • Ensuring that the interiors of the container is clean to confirm there is no contamination 
  • Comprehensive examination of the walls and the skins of the insulated are to see if there is any crack that can affect the temperature controlling capacity.
  • Checking all the seals and locks of the outlets and the door
  • Checking the air setting and review of the temperature 
  • Inspection of all the drains 
  • Checking the oil and the coolant level. 

Thus you see, these are the steps that the reputed cold courier services will take to ensure their vans are in top notch condition – always. We at JD Refrigerated Transport do the same. So if you are to get the best cold transport service, call us to book our service – NOW!