Newer Technologies Now Used in Refrigerated Transport Delivery

To preserve all items during refrigerated transport, companies in Brisbane now use advanced technologies. Some of these are openly available while some are proprietary. Anyway, we will be discussing mostly the common ones to give you a basic idea. However, if you are concerned about the preservation of your items, you should talk to your transport provider.

Let us now take a look at the technologies used in refrigerated transport delivery.

Coretex Temperature Monitoring Technology 

This is one of the best temperature monitoring technologies used only by a few companies providing refrigerated transport in Brisbane.

The technology, as mentioned, helps the delivery providers to track the temperature of the cold storage along with the airflow from time to time. If they notice any change, they take the necessary measures to protect the items from getting damaged.

The Coretex temperature monitoring technology itself is also maintained by professionals to achieve the right performance during refrigerated delivery as well as storage.

Autonomous Temperature Control   

Preservation of items during refrigerated delivery has now become more convenient due to systems that provide autonomous temperature control.

Earlier, freight companies in Brisbane had to manually control the temperature from time to time to preserve the items during transport as well as storage. But with the advent and implementation of autonomous systems, the perfect temperature can be attained as well as retained.

Manual Temperature Control

Though autonomous systems, as mentioned, make the preservation of items easier since they control the temperature automatically, these systems are not yet out of the game entirely.

The sole reason for this is, some items require time-to-time manual temperature control which cannot be achieved with these autonomous systems. In these instances, professionals managing refrigerated freight delivery in Brisbane will need to control the temperature by hand.

AI Temperature Control  

Apart from manual and autonomous temperature control, the latest technology that is now being implemented in refrigerated transport is AI.

These are, as the name says, artificially intelligent systems that will detect the items and then set the necessary temperature so that they can be preserved during transport as well as general storage.

Cryogenic Refrigeration   

The next system that we are going to talk about is cryogenic refrigeration.

Most companies providing Brisbane refrigerated freight transport use this technology albeit it is new. Here, carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen are used for the preservation of perishable goods. The liquid obtained from the combination of the above substances circulates inside insulated containers, absorbing the heat outside. This keeps the temperature fully controlled. Moreover, like the other cold storage systems, the freight manager can adjust the temperature.

Cryogenic refrigeration is now being adopted at large since it is an eco-friendly and efficient technology. Moreover, it does not emit greenhouse gases that can harm the environment.

So, these are a few modern technologies now used in refrigerated transport in Brisbane. The implementation of these systems is helping companies achieve better results.

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The Perils that Refrigerated Transport & Storage Providers Protect Foods From

The only way to transport food – both cooked and uncooked, is by refrigerated transport. And it is not just refrigerated transport that contributes to preservation of foodstuff. Refrigerated storage plays an equally pivotal role in preservation of the foodstuff.

Storing food in a correct way prior to transportation safeguards the food from the various external elements, and keeps organic decay of food at bay. To be more precise, storing food in controlled conditions slows down the onset of the biochemical decay that triggers growth of microorganisms.

It also keeps the contaminants,  contaminants, moisture, pests and dryness at bay. As many of these decay factors inevitably take place over subsequent  time, refrigerated storage and transport is the best weapon in the battle against time to control the  onset of these perils. On this page let us discuss the threats that the transport companies in Brisbane would protect the foodstuff from with the help of their cold chain management system.

Biochemical Changes

Keeping chemical changes under control in foodstuff generally involves slowing the natural and inevitable processes of decay. According to the experts in charge of refrigerated storage and transport, products that are rich in fats would over time, turn rancid as the fats oxidise and react chemically with oxygen, thus rendering the food tasteless. This applies even to frozen food products such as meats, butter, cheese, and the likes.

Adequate freezing of these foodstuffs in the right temperature slows down the rate of oxidation, but still takes place. Also, the foods lose vitamins C and B because of this oxidation process. This is where refrigerated transport in Brisbane makes the difference. It will delay the rate of oxidation as it limits the access of the foodstuff to oxygen by using sealed containers. Therefore, if you are to preserve  the foodstuff and protect it from these biochemical changes, proper refrigerated storage is imperative.

Growth of Mould and Bacteria

Bacteria as well as other microorganisms grow over time, impacting food and consumption in different ways. While some of the bacteria spoil food faster, others turn the food toxic, thus posing health hazards when the food is consumed. However, there are some bacteria that are beneficial to the food. For instance, cheese ages well due to certain kinds of bacteria and  there are certain types of bacteria that are protective, as they don’t allow the bad bacteria to infect and reproduce.

Overall however, it’s ideal not to allow growth of bacteria during transportation. Bacteria fosters well in humidity, hot conditions. Hence, avoiding these conditions is good for the foodstuff and this is what cold chain management facilitates.

Mould, which is a bi-product of fungi, is another very common bane on foods that fosters well in wet, humid conditions. Moulds get in contact with food through floating spores and keep growing and spreading continuously. They take on all kinds of shades — black on bread and a fuzzy white on the berries.

They are extremely hazardous for health as they trigger allergic reactions and even introduce various toxic substances to the human body. One of these toxins even includes aflatoxin, a cancer-causing substance. So refrigerated storage in Brisbane protects the foodstuff from these two curses.

Therefore, if you are planning to transport foodstuff, hire JD Refrigerated Transport for the best refrigerated transportation regardless of the distance involved. Call us at 1300 588 022 or write to us at to know more and book our service.