How Refrigerated Transport Companies Have Evolved Over Time?

Before we get into the depth of the issue of refrigerated transport, let us discuss what it actually is. Refrigerated transport, which is alternately called cold chain distribution system is the specialised process that deals with the movement of various types of temperature-sensitive products from their originating points to the end users or customers. Storage and transit times backed by 24×7 temperature control are critical aspects of refrigerated transport. And these two factors have to be taken into account while planning, monitoring, and executing the plans for the preservation of integrity and quality of the items to be shifted. While previously natural and dry ice were used, they were mainly meant for short distances,

However, with time the cold transport service has evolved and the advent of new technology has revolutionised this entire concept. A new range of refrigerated trucks with increased capacity and efficiency has been introduced.

The distance restrictions, which were there in place, got eliminated with the introduction of long-distance trucks that are called reefers. These long-distance reefers that are today used for refrigerated transport in Toowoomba employ mechanical refrigeration for providing temperature-controlled transit. A combination of cooling fluids, insulation, compressors, and ventilation is behind the mechanism, backed by a dedicated diesel-driven generator. The generator provides the power needed for running the refrigerated unit.

The Impact of E-commerce and Covid 19 on Cold Chain Management

The advent of e-commerce and the COVID 19 pandemic has significantly increased the scope of cold chain management, To meet the condition of the e-commerce services, grocery stores and the e-commerce giants to day dispatch perishable goods like groceries,  semi-prepared foodstuff, food kits and even medicines.

They have introduced the concept of state-of-the-art warehousing facilities and the fastest dispatch and delivery systems. The other recent developments include the introduction of:

Smaller & Lightweight Trucks:  These trucks are meant to provide bulk deliveries to grocery stores and other retail outlets. There are various categories of lightweight trucks. Depending on the capacity they can be divided into class 1 to 4 vans and class 5 to 7 trucks. These trucks nevertheless have less than 10,000 lb chassis weight and widespread used for Brisbane freight transport by companies offering cold chain management.

Electric Vehicles: More and more companies that are into cold chain management are shifting their focus on use of low emission vehicles. These electric vehicles support zero emission and hence are not harmful for the environment. They also have lesser moving parts and hence, less maintenance cost. 

Electric Refrigeration: Of late, the freight companies in Brisbane are shifting to refrigeration systems that are driven by battery-powered electricity. However, these vehicles use closed-loop cooling fluids and compressors to achieve temperature control.

Other developments include solid-state refrigeration and purpose-built vehicles to meet the bespoke needs of these refrigerated transport companies.

Then there is customisation of multiple product lines as well as temperature ranges during the loading of specific materials for faster delivery and better customer satisfaction.

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Challenges & Future Development Trends of Refrigerated Transport

Transporting chilled or frozen products is challenging, especially when the distance is greater. Even after strenuous efforts, some transporters fail to successfully deliver the products safely. Either the goods get damaged or spoiled due to weather conditions. Due to this, companies suffer huge losses, and the customers also face many problems. So if you are looking for the best ways to avoid losing, then it is better to find an esteemed company that specialises in offering Brisbane refrigerated courier transport solutions.

Now, before you approach or hire any company to transport chilled or frozen products, it is vital for you to understand the challenges that they face. To get the right idea about it, you must check out the points specified below.

Challenges Faced By Refrigerated Courier Service Providers

  1. Food safety legislation has become more strict in the last few years.
  2. Data entry errors.
  3. Customers have started giving more importance to the quality of the products they are ordering and receiving.
  4. Outside temperature.
  5. The cost of refrigeration units rises every year.
  6. Equipment malfunction.
  7. Delay in the delivery of goods due to one or more factors.
  8. Increase in cargo value every year.
  9. Driver mistakes, and much more.

In short, if you do good research, you will come to know that there are many challenges faced by companies that offer services like cold couriers in Brisbane, that you can hardly think of or imagine.

Future Refrigerated Transport Development Trends

As specialist cold chain service providers are well aware of their challenges, they have started applying innovative strategies to come up with the best solution. The things they are doing to offer best-in-class transportation services and deliver chilled or frozen products safely are mentioned below.

Full-Electric Refrigeration Unit: The use of newly-built trucks is helping the professional cold chain service provider offer the best Brisbane refrigerated courier transport solution. These trucks are especially designed to easily keep many different kinds of products at different temperatures.

GPS Tracking System: The professionals working in Brisbane’s cold logistics sector have started using GPS tracking systems in their vehicles. It alerts the drivers if there is any problem in their vehicle, and hence they can take the proper measures on time. Also, with the help of the system, they find it easy to understand which routes they should take, and in this way, they also save fuel.

The other things that the professionals are doing to offer an excellent transportation service are increasing the use of solar-powered units, coming up with new packaging solutions that are highly safe, etc.

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