Challenges Faced by Refrigerated Transport During Summers

The advent of cold chain management or refrigerated transport has brought in a significant revolution in the transport and logistics industry. This new concept of transportation has helped seamless long-distance haulage of goods, including perishable ones. Besides, this transportation mode will ensure that goods, including temperature-sensitive ones, reach their destination in perfect shape and condition.

Now refrigerated transport service is a pretty technical affair and as such during the summer it faces a number of challenges. Thus, the Brisbane refrigerated couriers have to be competent and technically sound enough to overcome these challenges. On this page, we hereby discuss the challenges faced by these transport companies during the summer.

Challenge#1: Soaring Outdoor Temperature

One of the first and foremost challenges that is faced by the refrigerated transportation company during the summer, is the soaring outdoor temperature. This is primarily due to the fact that as and when the exterior temperature increases, it affects the interior temperature of the reefer trailers.

As the sunlight falls on the metal body of the trailer, it severely affects the interior temperature if the trailer is not properly calibrated to handle high temperatures. In that case, the content of the trailer becomes straight away inedible or unusable.

That is the reason, modern reefers that the companies offering refrigerated transport in Brisbane use, come with trustworthy monitoring systems that will be able to spot even the slightest deviation in the internal temperature. Thus, they help in taking pre-emptive damage control measures.

Challenge#2: Change in Respiratory Temperature

In a refrigerated transportation system, every parameter is interconnected with each other. That’s because, the maintenance of the proper trailer temperature is imperative to the respiratory temperature changes of the goods, which are being transported. Moreover, the respiratory process increases the heat naturally, thereby increasing the interior temperature of the reefer truck.

That is the reason, it is extremely important that those at the wheels of the reefer trucks must keep in mind that there are certain types of foods that have higher respiration rates than the other types of foods.

Thus, while loading the reefer trucks, various types of respirations have to be taken into account, more so when it comes to delivering multiple types of goods having various rates of refrigeration.

Challenge#3: Infiltrative Heat

This is another major challenge that these Toowoomba refrigerated transport companies face during the height of summer. The infiltrative heat includes the flow of cool air, which is easily replaceable by the hot air and all that can happen as a result of broken seals of the reefer trailer.

To counter this, the service providers will insulate the reefer trucks and will repeatedly inspect the seals before and after every consignment.

Thus, these are the three straight challenges that refrigerated transport companies would face during the summer. So if you are looking forward to hiring a refrigerated transport company during the summer, you need to ensure that you put stakes in a name that is competent enough to deal with these challenges. What better name can you opt for than JD Refrigerated Transport? Call us now.