4 Best Practices for Refrigerated Transport Service

One of the advantages of putting stakes in reputed refrigerated freight companies is that they will follow the best practices to ensure they are able to get your consignment to its destination in time, unscathed and unharmed.

Nevertheless, we discuss on this page, 4 best practices that these freight companies would follow while offering refrigerated transport services in Glen Innes or elsewhere around Brisbane.

Precise Temperature Control & Maintenance During Refrigerated Transport

Reputed companies offering cold chain management would maintain a fleet of the very latest refrigerated trucks of different loading capacities, which will ensure product quality. This will also guarantee negation of the probability of potential losses, resulting from any temperature variation.

At times, these professionals will improve the airflow within their trailer by installing door switches. Before opening the doors for unloading or loading cargo, the staff would turn off the air conditioning. This will prevent the hot air from being drawn into the trailers – something that will happen if the AC unit is still running, with the trailer doors open.

Trailers with door switches will automatically switch off the unit, whenever the doors are opened. This will guarantee the integrity of the cargo throughout the entire period of loading and unloading process.

Simulating Air Flow & Circulation

Secondly, the principal objective of the companies offering cold logistics in Brisbane is to simulate airflow and circulation. Consistent air circulation and airflow from the front of these trailers to the rear would help in the maintenance of appropriate and uniform temperature throughout the trailer.

Hence, the loading and unloading experts of these companies need to be accustomed with the most effective loading configurations that would allow effective airflow and air circulation. For instance, placing the palletised products at a distance from the wall and the door will allow free flow of air around the load. The air will act as a natural insulator and protect the pallets from hot or cold conditions prevailing outdoors, thereby helping in the maintenance of the set temperature inside.

Recognition of Impact of ‘Off Time’ in Start/Stop Operation

Generally, it is imperative that the fall out of the so-called ‘off time’ is recognised in a typical start / stop operation. For instance, when things come down to transportation of frozen products, the temperature variation or difference between the front and rear of the trailer might not be that important, as frozen products are not that sensitive to temperature variation. However, when transporting products that are fresh and temperature-sensitive, this variation becomes extremely crucial. This is where the impact of the ‘off time’ becomes extremely significant. Even the slightest chances caused by the restart temperature will lead to drastic fluctuation in the actual temperature of the trailer, leading to degradation of the cargo.

Use of Telematics

The best Brisbane Freight Transport companies would use telematics for achievement of quality assurance. This is done by automating the sensors and alarms to notify the drivers and the fleet managers about any alarming temperature fluctuation or spillages before they actually occur.

Thus, when you hire the best transport companies offering cold chain logistics, you can be sure of the quality of service due to these practices. It’s the same when you hire JD Refrigerated Transport, as we are the best. Call us at the earliest to book our service.

Items You Never Thought Can be Carried by Refrigerated Transport

You may have had a notion of the types of materials that are ferried by refrigerated transportation companies. The list includes milk & milk products, meat, medicines, vaccines, dry foods, drinks and beverages and a lot more. In a previous write up, we had loosely discussed them while discussing temperature classification of refrigerated transportation service. However, there are other items that are at times ferried by these refrigerated transport companies in Brisbane. On this page, let us discuss some items you probably might never have thought of, that can be carried by these refrigerated transport companies.

Honey Bees

It might appear strange, but there are many companies that make the most of the refrigerated transport services for transporting honey bees. These insects generate an enormous amount of heat, which is unable to escape when they are transported in an enclosed cargo. When the heat is unable to escape from the vehicle, it builds up and causes health problems for the bees and the quantity of honey. This is where companies offering refrigerated transport in Gold Coast will make a difference. Vehicles with refrigeration would help negate this phenomenon.

Christmas Trees

With Christmas round the corner, this one may leave you particularly interested. If you are looking forward to dispatching a stunning, fresh and lively Christmas tree to your friend’s or relative’s home, a refrigerated transport vehicle is the best option. Chilled transport services are the best solution, which keeps the tree fresh and lively for long.

Personal Care and Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic products and their transportation is heavily dependent on refrigerated transportation. Perfumes, cosmetics, and products of personal care, which are used daily, are shifted from the manufacturing units to warehouses, and then to the stores, in these refrigerated transportation units to prevent spoilage. Lipsticks, for instance, will melt if proper temperature is not maintained. Also, perfumes face the danger of turning sour in the absence of the ideal temperature during transit. This is where companies delivering refrigerated transport service in Toowoomba will come into play.


Art museums take enormous pain in preserving the quality of the artwork they are home to. One way of keeping them in top condition is keeping them under a controlled temperature. And, when it comes to transportation of the artwork, they would maintain the same stricture in regards to temperature. Thus, when it comes to shipping or storing antiques and artwork, the museum authorities as well as private collectors would use refrigerated vehicles and cold storage in Brisbane respectively to maintain the requisite humidity and temperature level.


It may surprise you, but cigars, loose tobacco, cigarettes and other popular tobacco products would need strictly controlled temperatures to retain their quality and freshness.

Chemicals and Hazardous Materials

Most industry sectors would need a considerable amount of chemicals and other materials that can be potentially hazardous to the environment or harmful for health. Thus, it is imperative that proper temperature control and other restrictive measures are taken to negate any possibility of catastrophic consequences. Here again, refrigerated transportation comes into play in a very big way.

Therefore you see, if you are in need of transporting any of these materials, you need refrigerated transport service. If you are in and around Brisbane, JD Refrigerated Transport is the best name to turn to for that. Call us now to get in touch with us.