Critical Considerations about Refrigerated Transport Services

The advent of commercial refrigerated transport services has revolutionised the concept of transport and logistic services. Temperature-controlled vehicles have turned out to be the best means of transportation of a wide range of perishable goods. While manufacturers and stockists from various industry niches regularly transport a variety of perishable goods along with other ordinary items in these transportation vehicles, there are certain industries, like the food and beverage industry, and pharmaceutical industry that exclusively depend on refrigerated transport in Queensland like in any other place.

However, there are specific critical considerations that are to be weighed, when it comes to availing of refrigerated transport service. On this page, let us discuss them for your perusal.

Refrigerated Transport Has to Be Cargo Specific 

One of the fundamental rules about refrigerated transport is that it is cargo specific. In other words, the entire system works on the basis of the segregation of perishable goods. That’s why, if you are looking forward to investing in a refrigerated van or truck, you must know the specific products that are not compatible with each other. In other words, you must know the products that cannot be transported together in the same consignment. For instance, fruits and flowers cannot be transported together as fruits produce ethylene when they ripen, which discolours the flowers.

Thus, when stacking perishable products in the trucks, it has to be seen that the products that are stacked together are compatible with each other. Even if noncompatible goods are stacked, it has to be seen that there is no cross-contamination, which is the transmission of disease-causing microorganisms from one item to another during transit. In fact, when you hire a reputable Brisbane freight transport service, they will see that the foods are stacked in trucks and vans in accordance with this rule.

Thus, practising cargo segregation would help prevent cross-contamination of goods on board refrigerated vehicles. Quality refrigerated companies will carry out proper segregation of the cargo by spacing properly incompatible goods from each other, for keeping at bay any interaction and potential damage.

The Refrigerated Vans Need to Be Engine Powered

Refrigerated vans and trucks receive their power from their main engine. The modern temperature-controlled vans and trucks are engineered by a direct drive system, which is bolted to the engine through a compressor. The compressor is mounted within an engine compartment and it supports an additional compressor, which powers the refrigerator of the cargo. This refrigeration unit on board the vehicle contains three compartments – the evaporator coil, the secondary engine, which powers the compressor itself, and the compressor, which powers the coil.

An engine-driven refrigeration system is a subsidiary or secondary engine, which powers all the temperature-controlling features of the vehicle. Thus, when it comes to looking for freight companies in Brisbane you must consider the make and the model of the vehicle, and the technology they use.

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How do Reputable Cold Couriers Maintain Their Refrigerated Vans?

When it comes to booking cold couriers, you must opt for the best and the most reputable one. The reason being, these more fancied and reputable refrigerated transport providers would not only get your consignment on time and in perfect condition, but they would also take the best steps to keep their refrigerated van in the best condition. On this page, let us discuss the steps that these cold couriers in Brisbane or elsewhere would take to maintain their refrigerated vans and ensure that they are in the pink of health – at any given point in time. 

They Conduct Thorough Routine Checkups and Tuning

When it comes to conducting the essential basic maintenance that these  Refrigerated Transport Service providers provide, they would include checking the fuel, oils, other fluids and the coolants on a regular basis. The idea is to ensure that the vehicle runs smoothly and guarantee optimal performance. These companies generally change the fluids and the oil once in roughly 3000 miles.  

Refrigerated vans are different from the regular vehicles in the sense that they are extremely sensitive to dirt, water and dust. Once they  get too overwhelmed by these elements, they affect the ability of the refrigerator system to maintain the consistency of the desired temperature. Thus, reputable providers of Refrigerated Transport in Brisbane or elsewhere would conduct regular tune ups that include checking to make sure no contaminant has come in contact with the  refrigeration unit – something that can have a negative effect on the temperature performance. 

They Would Schedule Regular Inspection by the Experts

These providers of courier service would have their vehicle checked by licensed experts at regular intervals. 

That will ensure that the refrigerated transport vehicle is in a sound working condition. They will spot the minor as well as major glitches and will use all their experience and expertise to address and resolve them at the earliest. Thus, this is one of the most crucial steps when it comes to maintaining refrigerated transport vehicles. 

They Would Conduct Pre-trip Checks Every Time

Reputed companies offering refrigerated transport in Gold Coast would carry out comprehensive pre-trip checks every time they are scheduled to take up any consignment. That’s because a mid journey technical glitch is the last thing that any refrigerated transport service would expect. Hence, the checking they will conduct may include but not restricted to: 

  • Ensuring that the interiors of the container is clean to confirm there is no contamination 
  • Comprehensive examination of the walls and the skins of the insulated are to see if there is any crack that can affect the temperature controlling capacity.
  • Checking all the seals and locks of the outlets and the door
  • Checking the air setting and review of the temperature 
  • Inspection of all the drains 
  • Checking the oil and the coolant level. 

Thus you see, these are the steps that the reputed cold courier services will take to ensure their vans are in top notch condition – always. We at JD Refrigerated Transport do the same. So if you are to get the best cold transport service, call us to book our service – NOW!