Types of Frozen Food Packaging Suited for Transportation

Before frozen food can be transported to and from Brisbane or any of its suburbs such as Lockyer Valley, packaging should be done properly. Otherwise, the chance of contamination will greatly increase. However, before initiating the transport, the staff employed in the transport companies check the quality of packaging. If they find that it has been done properly, they proceed to the transportation. Else, they repack or inform their clients that a repacking is necessary.

Today, we will be discussing the various types of frozen food packaging that are commonly done before the items can be transported. That way, if you are planning to transport them to or from Brisbane or its suburbs, you can use the right type of packing material.

Cardboard Food Packaging

By using cardboard, you can keep food items such as pizzas, cakes and other edible products frozen. Moreover, these boxes are durable and they make shrink wrapping easy. On top of that, unitising them on pallets becomes more convenient when these items are packed with cardboard. So, before you book a frozen food transport in Brisbane or the suburb you are in, you can use this type of packing material to keep the items safe.

Shrink Film

Shrink film is basically a plastic film that is safe for packing frozen food items. Moreover, they allow decent temperature control for which most packers prefer the usage of this type of material. With that, frozen food can be kept free of contamination for long hours when and if shrink film is used.

You can use this coat to pack items such as vegetables, fruits, cakes, pies and even baked goods.

Aluminium Foils

Another important material that is used for transporting frozen food is aluminium foils. However, these are used to pack items in small quantities. After that, the whole lot is packed in cardboard boxes.

So, if you are planning to book a refrigerated transport in Lockyer Valley or any other Brisbane suburb, you can consider this packing material, especially if you want to send items such as frozen fish, lasagna, etc.

Wax Coated Cardboard

The advantage of using wax-coated cardboards for frozen food packaging is the fact that they can keep items cool for long hours. That’s because these containers are fully heat resistant. Besides, they are strong and can easily protect items inside against impacts during transport.

Airtight Bags

These bags are yet another option that can be used before Brisbane frozen food transport because they are safe and allow the packing of different types of items such as pre-made meals, frozen vegetables, bread, rolls, etc. However, you can only pack items in a small quantity inside these bags. After that, you will need to pack these bags inside cardboards to protect them from impacts.

Thermoforming Film

These are high-quality plastic resins that are heat resistant and have UV protection. So, if you are planning to send frozen food items in bulk, you can use these coatings since they are quite durable too.

Since these are some of the most common yet tried and tested food packaging mechanisms, you can use any of these to preserve the items during transport.

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How Do Refrigerated Delivery Service Providers Manage Cold Storage?

Companies providing refrigerated delivery services need to store items in their warehouses before they can transport them to their designated locations. However, they need to ensure that the items stay safe and secure in their warehouses before they are transported. For that, they follow certain cold storage procedures which we will discuss here. So, if you are in Brisbane and wondering how your items will be managed by the delivery service providers, go through the points mentioned here. You will get an overview of cold storage management in general.

Adjusting the Temperature    

The service providers managing refrigerated storage in Brisbane monitor the temperature in the warehouses and adjust it likewise, as per the recommendations of their clients to prevent spoilage of the items.

Typically, the temperature in cold storage is kept anywhere between 10 degrees to 15 degrees centigrade but it varies according to the items that are being stored. Nowadays, most cold storage facilities have automatic temperature units installed. However, the manual option is not phased out yet since it offers precision cooling.

Detecting and Exterminating Pests 

The second procedure of managing cold storage is keeping the warehouse or the facility free of pests. To do that, the staff need to examine all parts of the facility on a day-to-day basis. In fact, they do that since pests can damage the stored goods which can affect the reputation of the company offering refrigerated delivery.

Generally, pest extermination in cold storage facilities is performed by pest removal specialists.

Making Space for Safe Goods Arrangement

Goods in the cold storage need to be stored in such a way that they can be taken out and positioned easily whenever needed. So, the professionals employed in companies offering refrigerated delivery services in Brisbane arrange the goods methodically. In fact, they need to sort the items regularly to optimise their movement in the facility.

Making the Facility Well Illuminated

The refrigerated goods transport service providers keep the warehouses well lit since it helps them to identify consignments properly. Besides, the general operations can be easily carried out in an illuminated warehouse. So, the staff check the lights at all times and make sure that they are working properly. Otherwise, they get the same repaired by calling in electricians.

Ensure Items are Properly Shelved

The companies offering Brisbane refrigerated transport services ensure that all the items are shelved in cold storage since keeping the items on the floor is an absolute no-no.

By storing the items on the shelves, the staff from these companies can keep the items well-preserved. They generally do not store items on the floor since the ground can radiate heat and reduce the temperature. Besides, pests can easily damage the items if they are kept on the floor.

Check the Equipment Before Moving The Goods   

Lastly, the staff employed in Brisbane refrigerated transport companies inspect the equipment needed to unload and move the goods stored in the temperature-controlled facility.

If the tools are malfunctioning, not only will moving the items become difficult but sorting them accordingly will also become tedious. So, the staff always stay cautious when handling goods in these warehouses.

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