Refrigeration Systems Used by Freight Companies To Preserve Items

Whether you are transporting refrigerated items from Brisbane or Gold Coast, you can expect only specific systems to be used for the preservation of your items as per Australian standards. However, freight companies are now using breakthrough cooling systems that are cost-effective yet reliable. Anyway, we will specifically be discussing the conventional systems used by the freight companies here.

Dry-Ice Cooling System

This is one of the most common cooling systems used by freight companies in Brisbane apart from Gold Coast for preserving the items.

This is a cost-effective cooling system. However, it depends entirely on CO2, excess emission of which can be harmful to the environment. Furthermore, the professionals managing the transport will need to keep the temperature controlled since dry ice can cause frosting. Otherwise, it’s safe and trustworthy, especially if you are transporting food or related products.

Chilled-Water Cooling System

This is a cooling method that comprises a mixture of salt and ice. The former reduces the melting point of water hence keeping the atmosphere cool and retaining the temperature. In fact, the prime advantage of using this system is that it can be easily produced and can even be transported at long distances. However, some of the drawbacks of this system include the requirement of this product at a large quantity even for limited items.

The reason behind this is that chilled water refrigeration impacts only a small area. Therefore, they can sometimes be a poor choice if there are many items inside the vehicle compartment. Also, another limitation is that it is solely used for preserving food items such as fish and other aquatic animals.

Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System

Though a very popular cooling system, providers of frozen goods transport in Brisbane besides Gold Coast use it with caution since managing it can be problematic. Moreover, due to its extreme coldness, it is used for certain items only. These include medications and a few other items that require subzero temperatures.

Liquid nitrogen is one of the most reliable cooling systems that the industry has to offer for which it is used widely. But apart from careful management, the cost of using liquid nitrogen is very high. So, you can expect this to be used only on demand.

Cold Plate Cooling System

In refrigerated transport in Gold Coast as well as Brisbane, the cold plate cooling system is widely used.

These are basically pre-chilled plates that are used to keep the items cool. In fact, they are widely used since they can stay cool for long hours and are hence best for transport vehicles.

The only disadvantage that these systems have is that the cold plates are large and heavy. So, loading and unloading them can be costly and cumbersome.

Mechanical Compression Cooling System

This is the default system of many Brisbane frozen goods freight companies. Here, refrigeration units are included in the vehicle. Furthermore, their temperatures can be controlled as per clients’ requirements.

Generally, the drivers of the transport vehicles maintain the temperature after following the goods spec sheet.

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