How to Pack Your Items Appropriately for Refrigerated Transport?

All items that you are planning to send through refrigerated delivery will need to be properly packed, irrespective of perishable or non-perishable items. However, the former requires extra care and attention while packing.

If you are in Brisbane, you will need to find a well-known company that offers frozen transport delivery since they will give you several tips regarding packing. However, if you go through the points mentioned here, you will get a basic understanding of how you can pack your goods and keep them safe during transport.

Using Boxes Made of Styrofoam

You can use styrofoam boxes to pack your items since they are bad conductors of heat.

They are made up of polystyrene foam and are hence a good insulator for cold items. Moreover, they are available in several sizes and thicknesses. So, you can choose the box that might suit best for your goods. However, if you are sending perishable items such as food, choose the thicker boxes before you book the frozen food transport service in Brisbane.

Using Cut Sheets Made of Styrofoam

Apart from the styrofoam boxes, you can also use cut sheets made from the same material(s).

They are cheaper but might not protect your goods for a longer period since heat can eventually penetrate through these sheets.

They are also available in various shapes and sizes. So, you can order them the way you like.

Insulated Liners

During item packing, you can insert insulated box liners inside the packing box that you are using. These liners can accurately protect both perishable and non-perishable items before the frozen goods transport service in Brisbane can be initiated. Additionally, you can use bubble wraps for extra protection of your goods if there is space inside the box.

Using Air-Filled Insulated Box Liners

This is another cheaper solution that you can use for frozen delivery. The air is filled inside the boxes with a hand pump or air tank depending on the size of your shipments. Furthermore, this packing method is not time-taking. So, if you are tight on deadlines but have to pack and send a lot of items, you can consider using this method.

Using Tapes

After packing, use tapes at the edges of all the boxes as recommended by most Brisbane refrigerated couriers. This ensures strong protection against heat that might enter and spoil your perishable and non-perishable items.

Using Dry Ice Packs

Though a costly solution of keeping your goods well protected during transport, you can rest assured that dry ice packs can preserve your goods in the best condition. However, as mentioned, you should only use them if you have a large volume of perishable goods. Otherwise, the general packing items that we have mentioned are enough to keep your items safe.

Remember, that if you hire a reputed frozen item delivery service in Brisbane, they will use temperature-controlled vehicles to keep your items safe. But still, if you pack them following the mentioned methods, none of your items will be damaged.

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How Reputable Freight Transport Companies Ensure Goods Integrity?

Freight transport companies need to be responsible for your goods. So, choosing the right company is essential. But if you are wondering how they ensure integrity and safety, it all comes down to the steps that they follow.

In Brisbane, several reputable companies are there that adhere to the national guidelines while moving your goods. Besides, they also make good use of their resources to provide you with a satisfactory result.

Anyway, let’s conclude the introduction and delve into how these companies ensure safety.

1. Inspecting the Type of Goods That You are Sending

If you have opted for refrigerated freight transport in Brisbane, for instance, you will need to make sure that you are not sending prohibited goods. Nevertheless, professionals carrying out the delivery will inspect your items carefully. But if you are sending any dangerous goods, for example, it is always good to let the service providers know about what you are sending. That way, they can take the appropriate measures before commencing the service.

2. Careful Loading and Unloading

To maintain goods integrity, professional freight transport service providers only use the appropriate tools, especially for loading and unloading purposes. Otherwise, the chances of damages can substantially increase. In fact, some goods can only be loaded with specific machinery. Thus, to maintain their integrity, the usage of these tools is a must.

3. Labelling and Goods Identification

Well-known companies providing Brisbane freight transport will label your goods tactfully to avoid loss. At the same time, labelling or using different identification techniques helps the service providers take the necessary measures to keep the goods safe and undamaged. Moreover, they maintain a different goods management manual for specific items such as equipment.

4. Applying Additional Protective Measures

Before goods can be transported by road or cargo, appropriate protective measures will be taken such as fastening the packed items with cables or ropes and checking their firmness so that they stay intact during the move. This ensures both, integrity as well as safety.

5. Comprehensive Vehicle Safety Check

Managers employed in acclaimed transport companies in Brisbane will check the vehicles that will contain your goods.

This is a general protocol that they always follow to keep your goods undamaged. These include

  • Checking the internal temperature controlled units if frozen goods are being delivered
  • Placement of the items
  • Internal components and functioning capability of the vehicle(s)
  • Vehicle cleanliness

If the vehicle passes all the safety checks, only then is the transport started so that your items can stay intact.

6. Round the Clock Goods Surveillance in Warehouse

Most professional transport and warehouse solution providers in Brisbane surveil the goods that are to be sent to their destinations. This is a safety measure that guarantees the integrity of the goods. Also, managers in these warehouses maintain a record of what goods will be sent and how they need to be handled.

So, these are some of the ways by which your goods are typically managed by the freight transport companies. But there are other proprietary measures too that vary from company to company.

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