What Are the Components & Working Principles of Refrigerated Transport Couriers?

When things come down to discussing cold chain management and refrigerated transportation of goods, the efficacy of the refrigerated trucks and transport vehicles lie at the very cynosure of the topic. It is the efficacy of these trucks and their ability to maintain a certain temperature right throughout the journey that dictates the very success of the service. Hence, let us discuss the different components of a refrigerated transport vehicle.

The main components of a transport refrigeration unit are the condenser, the evaporator, the compressor, the network of wires, the control panel and the principal pipeline. During the refrigeration cycle that the compressor goes through, a low pressure situation prevails from the expansion valve to the inlet of the compressor, and a high pressure situation prevails in the sect of the system starting from the outlet of the compressor to the expansion valve, thus helping the cold air rush to the second sect from the first one to maintain the desired temperature level.

Reefer Units of the Condenser

This is a device that cools the gases into liquid and condenses it. The condenser coils of the truck reefer units are equipped with aluminum micro channel parallel flow coils. This makes the cooling effect of the reputed refrigerated transport units of renowned Brisbane refrigerated couriers achieve the desired temperature throughout the journey.

Unit Evaporators

This particular device of the transportation unit allows the compressed cooling chemicals like R404a, R134a and the likes to evaporate from the liquid to turn into gas and absorb all the heat during the process. The latest refrigerated trucks come up with state of the art evaporators, which are smaller and lighter with a very high heat exchange capacity. This helps in better cooling, speedier transportation and more space for the consignment.

Unit Compressors

The device helps in pumping of the refrigerant gas that is generated in the evaporator unit as it is transmitted and compressed into the unit compressor.

Expansion Valve

The responsibility of the expansion valve is to control the flow of the refrigerant, and to reduce the pressure by regulating the refrigerant flow.

The Refrigerant

High quality refrigerants that reputed cold couriers in Brisbane use in their transport units are a fluid that is used in the heat pumps and to trigger off the refrigeration cycle. So the substance that is chosen as a refrigerant comes with an excellent thermal capacity along with a series of specific chemical and physical properties.

Refrigeration Oils

Refrigeration oil ensures long term as well as secured operation of the unit compressor. Oil lubricates every friction surface of the compressor and reduces the wear and tear of the spare parts, thereby improving their mechanical functionality and efficiency, trustworthiness and durability. The oil also plays a pivotal role in cooling the system, keeping it clean and gas resistant. The oil can also be used as lubricant in the hydraulic system of the compressor for regulating energy.

Besides all these, the refrigerated transport units has certain auxiliary equipment, which mainly consists of the oil separator and a reservoir, the filter drive and the gas-liquid separator as well as the sight glass.

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Compulsions of Transporting Frozen Foods and Medical Products

For transporting frozen foods and pharmaceutical or medical products, refrigerated transport companies in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and elsewhere would use high tech trucks with provisions of temperature controlled transportation to ensure structural integrity of the products all throughout the journey.

But that’s the basics.

There are a number of other technicalities that are to be taken care of. In other words, these are the technical compulsions of these freight companies that they need to abide by, for perfection and live up to the expectation of their customers. Let us take a dig at it.

Maintenance and Regulation of Temperature

When we discuss cold chain management systems or frozen goods transportation, the most important as well as the most obvious benefit of those refrigerated containers is their ability to maintain the right temperature all throughout the transportation cycle.

When it comes to ferrying critical pharmaceutical and medical products and highly sensitive frozen foods, a temperature variation of even three degrees can make a huge difference, spoiling the entire consignment and rendering it useless. That is the reason, when it comes to offering refrigerated transport in Sunshine Coast like anywhere less, maintenance and regulation of temperature is not only imperative, but a compulsion that a transport company to maintain and regulate temperature by high tech means.

Maintenance of Regulatory Compliance

Companies offering transport of frozen foods in Brisbane have to strictly abide by some extremely stringent regulatory requirements for able transportation of the consignments. The food and drug administrative bodies and other regulatory agencies generally impose stringent guidelines in regards to handling, packaging and shipping of perishable food goods and food products including frozen foods.

Generally, these strictures encompass the containers used for such shipments and their features, which enable the maintenance of temperatures. These transportation companies have to abide by those regulatory compliances without any failure whatsoever.

Maintenance of Security, Prevention of Damage & Theft

Temperature controlled shipments, more so the long haul ones are not easy to handle. There are a number of challenges to stand up to, and one of the most significant of them is security.  More so, when things come down to transport of pharmaceutical products, there is a constant threat of theft and damage due to temperature malfunctions, and natural causes.

Thus, freight companies offering cold transportation in Brisbane have to keep a very strict vigil on these factors while carrying out the transportation. And, when it comes to long haulage that may involve overnight stoppage at warehouses, those security provisions have to be in sync with those implemented by the warehousing facilities.

Cost Reduction

This is another compulsion of these service providers. While keeping an eye on the quality, they must implement state of the art technology that does not come at a very high cost. This helps them to serve their clients at a competitive rate. Thus, striking the right balance between quality and price is another compulsion of these temperature controlled transportation companies.

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