Top Questions to Ask before Hiring a Refrigerated Transport Company

Refrigerated transportation is a tricky business. There’s no doubt about it. Thus, if you are to pick a refrigerated transport service provider you need to be extremely cautious. You need to ensure that the service provider is competent enough to fulfill all the technicalities that are associated with cold courier service. For that, you need to ask a few questions.

What Are the Modes of Transport Used by Them?

Refrigerated transport demands the best modes of transport in the form of refrigerated vehicles that come with state of the art temperature control technology and the provision of monitoring the temperature remotely. Thus, before putting your money on a Brisbane freight transport company that offers cold chain logistics solutions, you must be sure about the mode of transport it offers.

What Type of Transportation Protection Will They Offer?

Cold chain transportation, more so the long haul ones need multiple blankets of protection. This is to ensure that the goods in transit are in the best shape and conditions, and the consignments reach their destination, fresh and cold with the right extent of temperature being maintained throughout. In fact, this has always been the mainstays behind the success of the cold couriers in Brisbane as anywhere else in the world, and you must put most emphasis on it.

Do You Have Provisions of Humidity and Temperature Control?

While the modern cold transport trucks and other vehicles come with technology that allows the temperature to be monitored remotely, they must also have provision of controlling the temperature and humidity, in accordance with the change in temperature and humidity level during the transit. This will help the goods in transit to be in a perfect state and health. Thus, you need to ask whether the refrigerated transport service in Toowoomba or elsewhere near Brisbane has in its fleet vehicles with such provisions.

Will It Be Better if Your Consignment Has Its Very Own Truckload?

A refrigerated vehicle will have its temperature control mechanism for the back. However, there are certain items, which seem to be better shipped on their own, as it will ensure that the temperature is not affected by other products. For instance, stuff like frozen syrup, foods such as whipped cream, ice cream and the likes need to stay in strictly controlled temperate climates so that they do not melt or get damaged. Therefore, you need to ask if it will be better if it has its very own truckload.

Ask if There Is Need for Food-Grade Bases 

Refrigerated transport is not always meant to have built-in food-grade bases, which is a legal compulsion when you are shipping edible goods like foodstuff, including frozen items.

Thus, if you are in need of antibacterial surfaces or a specific cargo hold or area that has to be sealed or configured in a particular way, you must ask this question to the freight companies in Brisbane offering cold chain logistics solutions. This will ensure that the transport service provider is compliant with the law, thereby ensuring safety and security of your consignment during the transit.

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6 Steps of Keeping Frozen Foods Safe Before Shipping

Whether you are shipping frozen foods to or from Brisbane or Gold Coast, you will need to follow certain steps that will ensure their safety. Today, we will discuss those steps here in detail so that you can better manage the preservation and delivery of the items. Also, make sure that you are hiring a good company when it comes to shipping frozen items since they have the resources to keep the frozen items in perfect condition.

Use Insulated Packaging

Packaging frozen food items is extremely important before you can proceed with the frozen goods transport in Brisbane or Gold Coast. For that, along with the right temperature setting, insulation is also required throughout the transport duration.

Insulated packaging will help perishable foods from rotting and will help retain the temperature. Also, make sure that the transport company is using insulated bags or containers made specifically for frozen food

Use Dry Ice and Cold Gel Packs

Along with packaging, you will need to use things that help keep the food ‘frozen’.

You need to consider these as catalysts and these are none other than dry ice and cold gel packs.

Dry ice is used in the transport of food because of its capability of keeping the items cooler for a longer period as compared to normal ice. Also, they can last up to 18 to 24 hours and you can customise the amount depending on the amount required for packaging.

Similar to that of the dry ice, cold gel packs are also used since they help retain food inside insulated packages. On top of that, these gel packs are available in different shapes that help in inserting them inside the package easily.

Check the Packaging Before Loading the Items

After packaging and including the additives, you should check the packaging before they are loaded to the transport vehicle by the company providing refrigerated transport in Gold Coast or Brisbane.

Double-checking your package is important because even the slightest leak can lead to them getting spoilt or contaminated. Besides, you will also need to check whether you have labelled all the containers for easy identification.

Hire the Right Frozen Transport Company

To keep your frozen items safe, you will need to hire a company that provides safe delivery.

You can choose the company by searching online and asking them the ways how they transport frozen food without causing damage. Also, the company that you choose should have sufficient experience in loading and unloading the goods in the right manner to avoid damages.

Ensure High-End Cold Storage and Transport

If, before transport, your goods need to be stored, make sure that the frozen transport company in Brisbane or Gold Coast has the warehouse equipped with the right temperature controlled units to keep the packaged foods safe.

The same goes for their transport trucks as well. The freezers will have to be well-maintained so that the items do not get contaminated or rotten.

Quick Transport

To keep the frozen food fully safe, quick transport is the best solution. For this, you will need to find a company that can do so.

Generally, reputed companies always complete the transport on time to keep the items safe and retain their reputation.

Hire Your Reliable Refrigerated Transport Company

JD Refrigerated Transport provides refrigerated transport in Gold Coast besides Brisbane. So, if you want to send your packages to the specified destination safely, call us now.