The Impact of COVID 19 on Refrigerated Transport Services

The COVID 19-driven Pandemic has changed the order of the entire world. It has changed the social lifestyle for hitherto unknown periods, and that change has starkly impacted the business world as well. And along with the business world, the logistical activities have also seen a drastic change. And with the world of logistics changing, how can the cold chain logistics be left unaffected? Here on this page, let us discuss the impact of pandemic on the cold chain transportation system.

The Impact Has Been Progressive – Not a Regressive One

Unlike in some other spheres of transportation, the effect of pandemic on the refrigerated delivery service has been a positive one. The industry has seen an increase in the adoption rate of packaged food and beverages, and this has influenced a growth in the cold chain transport.  This has been a more or less universal phenomenon and Australia is no exception. This new trend also fueled the demand for cold chain warehousing in every part of Australia like the rest of the world, and Brisbane is no exception. This has opened up newer avenues for cold storage systems in Brisbane, which are a very integral part of the cold chain logistics system.

To be frank, the Coronavirus has impacted the supply chain of every niche of industry, much due to the restricted flow of trade. This has prompted the manufacturers of perishable goods, not only to manufacture their products but to store them in a healthy way and transport them to their respective destinations keeping their structural integrity intact. In this pandemic situation, when the window of transportation is restricted due to lockdowns and travel restrictions, the goods are supposed to spend more time in transit, and this is where the cold transport system has come  into play more vigorously.

The Pandemic Has Increased the Consumer Demand for Perishable Products

The end consumers have become more aware of health and wellness, and have become more conscious about the impact of food nutrients, particularly protein and its effect on their overall mental and physical wellbeing. This has resulted in the paradigm shift in food habits. People are shunning junk foods and fast foods and are more and more turning towards dairy products of many types, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and high animal protein-based foodstuffs like meat, egg, fish and seafood.

The Pandemic alone cannot be attributed to this sudden change in the habitats. Of course, it has a major role to play, but massive change in the taste and preferences, and rising disposable income of the consumers is also responsible for this sudden change. Whatever may the reason be, it has given the refrigerated delivery service in Brisbane like anywhere else a massive shot in the arm.

The Social Restrictions Have Increased the Demands of the Dairy and Frozen Desserts

Besides protein rich products, the pandemic has also resulted in a rise in popularity of frozen bakery products like cakes, breads, not to mention the dairy products like cheese and milk, butter and desserts. This has naturally increased the demand for trustworthy refrigerated transport services in Sunshine Coast like anywhere else.

Thus you see, cold chain management has been playing a substantial predominant role in food transportation even in this pandemic period. And with a reliable name like JD Refrigerated Transport around, transportation of perishable goods has never been difficult even in this Pandemic situation. Call us at 1300588022 to know more about our service.

How Frozen Food Transport Professionals Manage Item Delivery?

As a business owner, if you are planning to store and deliver your items in the frozen state, you will need to pick a transport company that offers the same. But if you would like to know more about how the professionals manage the delivery of the items, this is the discussion that you will need to follow because we have stated some of the core principles or guidelines that the companies providing frozen delivery in Brisbane and its suburbs adhere to.

  • Keeping the Records

It’s not just you who will be sending your items in the frozen state, there will be others too. So, record-keeping is something that all transport companies in Brisbane providing delivery of frozen goods needs to do.

The staff employed in a company will register the packages that will be sent. And for each container, they will assign codes that will help in the inspection and tracking process. Besides, temperature regulation, which we will discuss in the next point, will also become easier.

  • Regulating the Temperature of the Packages or Containers

Depending on the items that you wish to send, the frozen transport company will regulate the temperature to keep the items in the best condition. For that, you will need to provide them with the necessary temperature control guidelines.

The employees of the company will follow the manual that they have received regarding the guidelines and they will follow the same during the storing as well as transport.

  • Inspecting the Cold Storage Mechanism

Before the delivery of your items, the employees in the company providing the frozen food transport in Brisbane and its suburbs will inspect the temperature control units in the warehouse as well as the trucks.

This is very important because a consistent temperature will be required to maintain the normal state of your items. But if they find any sub-optimal results out of the units, they will repair or service them to preserve the items.

  • Minimising the Transport Time

The more time the transport company takes to deliver your products, the problematic it gets for the company. This is because they will be accruing more costs to preserve your item that requires electricity and fuel. So, after receiving your order, the companies will chalk out a storage and delivery plan.

If there is no storage involved, they will be focusing entirely on the delivery that will require finding out the shortest route to your specified location.

  • Checking the Packaging and the Labels

Perhaps one of the most important things that the professionals in a refrigerated transport company in Toowoomba and other Brisbane suburbs follow is checking the packaging and the label.

This helps to preserve your items as well as manage them during the transport because as we have mentioned before, there will be several items that will be sent. But labels make the identification process convenient.

  • Following Safety Protocols

All companies will follow safety protocols when delivering frozen goods. These comprise loading, unloading and driving with care.

Different companies will be applying different protocols. So, to get all the information, you will need to contact the company providing the transport delivery.

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The Most Pertinent Risks That the Refrigerated Transport Industry Has to Negate

Cold chain management is the new order of the world, as far as the logistics and transportation industry is concerned. Indeed, refrigerated transport, as it is alternatively termed, has changed the way goods are shipped today, more so when it comes to high value and perishable consignments over long distances.

The high tech aspects that refrigerated transports have made significant changes in transportation, improving it by manifold. However, that does not mean that refrigerated transport does not have its own perils. Every company offering refrigerated transport in Brisbane like elsewhere in the world is aware of these risks and takes appropriate measures to counter them. But what are those risks? Besides the general suspected issues like human error, faulty hardware and the likes there are unexpected occurrences like contamination scares, acts of Nature, and now this pandemic.

Let us explore.

Pressure to Meet the Cost Efficiency Can at Times Be Detrimental

Cold chain management is all about dealing with a high tech transportation system that is used to control the temperature during the journey. However, in order to meet the cost efficiency, the service providers at times have to cut down on a number of value additions.

Now this, at times, turns out to be detrimental to the maintenance of quality during the transport. This is a risk and the only way to negate it is to balance between cost and these value additions. Every quality company offering cold chain logistics & transport service in Brisbane as in any other location would do that.

Absence of a Uniform Infrastructure

To make the most out of the cost chain management, there has to be a uniform infrastructure present throughout the entire theatre platform that is taking part in the transportation. This comes true, more in the case of long-distance haulage, where there is a need for the overnight stoppage and hence, an to mark warehousing facilities.

However, lack of proper and uniform infrastructure like inadequate storing facility of inappropriate temperature control mechanism in the warehouses, improper loading and unloading facilities mar the very purpose of cost logistics system in and around Brisbane like anywhere else. The service providers have to work negotiating such risks. Besides, there are several related ecological, legal risks that these companies have to encounter as well.

Environmental Risks

These are considered as the risks pertaining to the acts of God or nature. The extremities of the Australian weather, the severity of its summer and winter and at times the severity of rains may pose potential risks that the companies offering cold courier service in Brisbane or other places have to face. 

While there is hardly any way out of these risks, a quality and experienced company offering cold transportation in and around Brisbane like anywhere else is expected to have adequate expertise and infrastructure to counter these risks. That is the reason, you are expected to put stakes in a reputed cold courier service provider that can be able to negate these risks and justify your investment.

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