Types of Vehicles used by Transport Companies for Frozen Food Transport

If you are looking for a transport company in Brisbane that offers refrigerated transport, you need to bank on two things – the experience of the company in cold chain management, and the type of vehicles they use.

On this page, we discuss the various types of vehicles that these companies use.

Insulation Vans 

If you are looking for refrigerated vans, they are vehicles,  which are designed to not only keep the goods in transit cool by keeping the heat factors at bay, but also actively maintaining the cool factor with the help of an effective refrigeration mechanism. Insulation vans, on the other hand, do not have any refrigeration system. However, the interiors of these vans are designed to keep the goods cool enough for as long as possible. Hence, when it comes to transporting goods in controlled temperature over a short distance, these insulation vans are the best choice. These vehicles come with a thick (generally 50 mm thick) styrofoam or polystyrene insulation, which prevents any thermal bridge from developing. It also cuts off any potential air and heat entryways, once the cargo bay is sealed.

Frozen Goods Transport

Chiller Conversion Vehicles

These vehicles, on the other hand come essentially with the insulation vans with an attached refrigeration component. This means the vehicle is designed to keep the heat out effectively, while inviting cool air that will keep the temperature under control. This facility allows the companies that conduct frozen food transport in Brisbane or elsewhere to transport various types of perishable products that do not need subzero storage temperatures.

Semi-Freezer Vehicles 

Semi-Freezer vans, on the other hand, come with more advanced (about 75-mm thick) insulation than the insulation and the chiller vans. They also come with a higher capacity of refrigeration than the chiller vans. These vans are designed to ferry frozen foods, along with other items, the temperature of which must stay below freezing points. These vans also come up with quick-defrost measures, which reduce the requirement for a defrost heater.

Full Freezer Vehicles

Full freezer vehicles, as their name would suggest, designed to allow the most comprehensive and extensive freezing and are an inseparable component of cold storage solutions in Brisbane like anywhere else in the world.  They have a number of semblances with the semi-freezer vans, but with one added feature. They have much thicker, heat proof sidewalls, doors and floors. This particular feature would significantly lessen the internal heating of the cargo area more so when transportation is done on a bright, warm, sunny day. This feature negates the phenomenon of heat conduction from the sunlight on the exterior metals of the vehicle’s body.

Passive Shipping System

There is another feature that needs to be taken into account. That’s the passive shipping system.  The principal benefit of a passive system in a temperature-controlled setting is that it comes in handy in case of long haul transportation, regardless of the road condition. An adequately qualified passive shipping system can be used for maintaining effective control of temperature in the event of transportation of drugs and medical equipment at ambient transit temperature.

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The Challenges That Every Refrigerated Freight Transport Service Has to Overcome

Despite the advent of state of the art technology, the refrigerated transport system at present is still not without challenges. The companies that provide refrigerated transport have to overcome these challenges and earn accolades and praise from their customers.

In this write-up, let us discuss the challenges faced by the cold chain logistics companies.

Budget Constraints

The cut throat competition that prevails in the market has whittled down the number of refrigerated transport companies, as not every company can have the financial depth to come up with refrigerated carriers with state of the art technology, mainly because of budget constraints. Availing the cutting edge technology that is needed by these companies is a challenge, mainly because of budget constraints. Thus, getting the best technology due to budget constraints is a challenge.

Refrigeration Intricacies

Fruits, meats and medicines are the most common items that are transported by the reefer ships. However, this sector, of late has seen quite some diversity in the products that are being transported at present. And all these products have their own specific requirements for transportation. The requirements vary in terms of temperature, humidity, ventilation, packaging, and the likes. And again, some of the items like tomatoes and potatoes and a few other items would need changes in conditions even when they are in transit. So you see, meeting all these diversities in conditions is quite a bit of a challenge for the refrigerated transport companies in Glen Innes and one good way for these companies to overcome this challenge is opting for the pre-programmed multi-temperature system, though it is a pretty expensive technology and not very many companies have it.

Losses and Insurance Claims

For shipping companies that offer transportation of refrigerated stuff, spoilage and loss is a really intimidating issue. If the climate control system goes for a toss during the transit, an entire consignment can be spoiled, resulting in a huge expense and loss for the company. Thus, due to the very nature of the temperature-sensitive and perishable items, many carriers never include them in their freight insurance coverage policies. Even if they are covered, the liability is often pretty limited. Thus, getting insurance claims over the losses is quite a challenge for these companies.

Getting the Right Technology

There are multiple methods for shipping various kinds of refrigerated goods. Of them, the most common is using reefer ships.  They vary regularly in terms of shape and size, design, get up and technology, electrical distribution, equipment and power generation and distribution. Thus, depending upon the type of goods that is being transported, getting the right kind of reefer ship with the right kind of technology is quite a bit of a challenge much due to budgetary constraints and other infrastructural limitations.

Therefore you see, in order to gain a proportion of repute in the market any Brisbane freight transport company will have to overcome these constraints. Thus, if you are toying with the idea of hiring such a company to fulfill your transportation needs, hire one that has overcome all these challenges and has earned quite some respect in the market today. What better name can you opt for than JD Refrigerated Transport? 1300588022 is the number you need to call us at.