Challenges Faced by Refrigerated Transport Service Providers

Cold Chain Management has changed the world of transportation and logistics upside down. Refrigerated transport has revolutionised the way goods, more so the perishable ones are transported. However, refrigerated transport is not without blues. It does face challenges from different quarters. Thus, companies offering refrigerated transport also have to brave challenges and come up with spotless service to serve their clients. In fact, the credibility of these companies depends upon how successful they are in overcoming the challenges. We at JD Refrigerated Transport are one of the best in the business simply because of our proficiency, professionalism and our success in overcoming the following challenges that pose a threat to cold chain management.

Hot Loads

As per the market pundits, 32% of the refrigerated cargo that is loaded on refrigerated vehicles remain at the wrong temperature when they are loaded. “This mainly happens due to poor loading practices” the white papers that these market analysts come up with would state in general. Then again, in many cases, the consignment is left waiting for too long in the open at the loading facility, thus raising the risk of the goods being refused by the receiver. Thus, it is imperative for any company offering refrigerated transport in Glen Innes as anywhere else to streamline their service and negate these hiccups.

Refrigerated Delivery Service Brisbane

Equipment Failure

This is another pretty common challenge that these transport companies would fail. If and when the transport refrigeration unit goes for a toss, the cargo is exposed to risk. As per the observation of the experts, today’s refrigerator units can have over 200 alarm/fault codes that can thwart the ability of the refrigeration system to maintain the desired temperature during transit. Thus, the company offering refrigerated delivery service in Brisbane has to take steps and ensure that the unit is always in the best condition, to avoid these mishaps.

Driver Error

This is another extremely common challenge that the Brisbane refrigerated freight transport companies face. Drivers time and again commit a mistake, while setting the mode of operation of the unit either while setting the start/stop mode or in the running mode. They are also needed to know how to perfectly run the manual defrost mechanism of the refrigeration unit if and when needed. Thus, any reputed company needs to conduct periodic training of its drivers on the latest refrigeration systems and the technicalities to run them flawlessly, to avert this challenge. That’s what we, at JD Refrigerated Transport would do, periodically.

“With the transport refrigeration units getting more and more sophisticated, there is an ardent need of continuous updates on the part of the drivers.” – the white papers observed. “And again, with diverse and complex units being used to carry different types of loads, the training has to be comprehensive!” the observations say.

Delayed Notifications

When it comes to loading consignments on to the truck, what the refrigerated transport companies need is real-time data, backed by prompt notification as well as identification of the prioritisation areas. Any delay in this aspect will lead to a fault in the loading and temperature management.

So you see, when it comes to offering flawless refrigerated transport in Gold Coast a company in question must take punitive actions to negate these risks and come up with a flawless service to serve the purpose of their clients. We at JD Refrigerated Transport would always do that and that is one of the reasons why we are so much adored in the industry today.

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A Brief Account of Refrigerated Couriers for Effective Cold Chain Management

One of the most remarkable revolutions that have taken place in supply chain management has been cold chain management, or in other words, transportation of perishable goods, foodstuff & other consumables, and various other sensitive products in refrigerated containers.

JD Refrigerated Transport has been playing a significant role in cold chain management for years. We have at our disposal, state of the art specially designed and developed shipping containers, which we use to transfer a wide range of products including food products, pharmaceutical products, and the likes over long distances.

When it comes to offering frozen food transport in and around Brisbane, we would specially-developed containers called reefers, which come with a specially-designed heat-control unit, which keeps the internal temperature within a set range of temperature, as needed by the content that is being transported. Besides, these vehicles also come with grooves at the sides, on the floor and the ceiling and that allows free movement of air within.

Brisbane Refrigerated Couriers

These containers are well insulated inside for minimising the energy, which is required to maintain the needed temperature inside, even when the outside temperature is adverse. Thus, these containers are your fittest option, to transport pharmaceutical products, foodstuff, and other products over long distances, even in the height of an Aussie heatwave.

Using Refrigerated Containers

Reefers or specially designed containers are the best, when comes to transporting sensitive foodstuff milk and milk products, Australian wines, meat, and meat products, fruits, vegetables, and pharmaceutical products that will surely include the COVID 19 vaccines, as and when the authorities will start dispersing the vaccine and transport them over long distances.  Some of the industry niches that we serve include…

  • Dairy Farms
  • Eatery Franchises and restaurant chains
  • Cafes and Caterings
  • Hospitals and clinics, mainly for medical supplies for stuff like medicines and vaccines
  • Warehouses
  • Wineries and the likes

We are indeed the one-stop solution to all these sectors who would like to have their goods maintained at a safe temperature as they are being transported from one location to another, regardless of the distance between the two locations.

Powering the Reefer

When it comes to powering the reefer, it is done with the help of the grid power supply or with the help of a generator. The generator, however, is good for only short-term use. The refrigeration system that is used in our refrigerated couriers in Brisbane is extremely reliable and accurate. They come with state-of-the-art technology, with the help of which the temperature can be managed to even within one to two degrees all throughout the journey. And then, during the shipment, our containers are closely monitored by dedicated staff and are tracked by GPS in real-time.

Do You Need to Hire or Buy Them?

When you have JD Refrigerated Transport around, there is no need to purchase these containers, unless you would need them very badly. Otherwise, you just do not need to purchase them. Hiring them from us will suffice your needs perfectly. We would offer tailored transportation solutions to meet your needs at a cost-effective price, which will help in significant cost saving along with tax reduction.

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